Colour Measurement Instruments for Cereals

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Food is our main source of energy. But the way we have altered our eating style is tremendously affecting the market. Our inclination towards healthy food is giving new goals to food manufacturing companies. To make edible items more natural looking, some manufacturers add additive colours to the prescribed limit. But this practice is not as easy as it seems.

A food item should appeal to eyes, taste buds and smelling sense. If either of the things fails, the item would not be able to leave its mark in customers’ mind. And before eating and smelling the food, its visual appearance should entice us. Even ready to eat packed food is packed in a way so that attracts the consumer.

Cereals are more like the staple food in every household. And, with ample of varieties available in the market, it is really difficult for the new players to make their place in the racks. Different gimmicks are adopted by the companies to attract the buyers. Fancy, eye-catching shapes and colours are easy to find. While adults look for natural colours on the other hands, kids emphasise more on colourful cereals.

Along with the colour of the cereals, it is very important to maintain the quality. In order to ensure the colour quality, it becomes necessary to use the cereal colour measurement devices that could define the appearance of the products. For assuring the best colour, instruments like spectrophotometer and colourimeter are used. The instruments quantify the colours and give numerical values that can be easily comprehended by the colour managers. The values obtained are useful keeping a track of usage of additives in cereals as per the standardising authorities.

FDA has issued many guidelines for controlling the usage of additives in the cereals which are consumed in abundance. The usage of smart food color measurement devices is rising at exponential speed. This eliminates the chances of error and generates the concrete reports for auditing and inspection visits. To understand the need for better colour measuring procedures and instruments, call us today. The experts at Testronix would help you in choosing the best instruments for your industry. With the ample choice of instruments, it becomes easy for you to make your decision wisely. If you are still unsure, let us give a chance to help you.

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