Food Color Measuring Device

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Bring Healthy Colors to the Meals

Food not only acts as an ingredient for life and the survival of human being, but it is also used for an extreme calm, comfort, and to celebrate and satisfy one’s appetite. For food manufacturers, all over the world, it is mandatory to maintain the consistency of colors for the food product to sustain the quality of the product and also to promote the brand name. That is why 90% of the world’s top food producers believe on enhancing the quality of the food colors for reliable and high-quality performance.

Meet Color Measuring Challenge

The flavor of the food is directly related to its color. It has been proved many times by the science of sensory analysis and considered as a cognitive expectation of the human beings. Testronix understands the need of customers for accurate food and beverages color management. Whether it is a tomato product, snack food, any kind of beverage, the food item must be superior in its design. This can be prepared by making use of various color solutions as the quality of the food can be determined only by its color, not by the shape, size, and textures. Testronix offers the instrumental solution for the evaluation of the quality of the food color, and many food producers rely on these instruments for best solutions of color quality control.

Testronix offers a broad range of the instrument for the food industry to measure the color consistency of food and beverages. The range of Testronix instruments includes a portable instrument, and related software and accessories to operate these instruments easily.

Professional Solutions to Measure the Color of Your Meals

Testronix is dedicated to providing worldwide support to the manufacturers of food & beverage industries in the form of food color measurement instruments to fulfill their requirements of color measurement. We offer a set of best solutions with the complete package of portable instruments, related software, and accessories.

Color Measurement of Ingredients

Ingredients in food items play a significant role to develop unique texture, flavor and most importantly the color of the final food product. The Manufacturer of major food brands all over the world understand the importance to enhance the look and appeal of the food products as this helps to gain customer satisfaction hence helps to make a strong customer base. Testronix offers highly accurate portable instruments to ensure the color consistency of food items.

Beverage Color Measurement

Beverages and Liquid refreshments comprise of a broad range of consumable liquids like fruit juices, carbonated soft drinks, tea, coffee, milk, hot chocolate and so forth. Beverages play a vital role in the culture of human society to serve our guests. The brand owners of beverages know the importance of color consistency and color appeal to change the buying behavior of the customers. Hence, the world’s leading manufacturers of beverages like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and many more; make use of highly reliable and precise color measurement instruments to satisfy their customers.

Range of Food Color Measurement Instruments by Testronix

Portable instruments

The portable range of color measuring instruments offered by Testronix are simple to operate and provide the best testing data for the color consistency of the products. The extensive range of devices includes, TP310, TP800, TP110.


There is high-end color quality management software that is offered by Testronix that helps in easy calibration and operation of the color measuring instruments and also helps in downloading the test data easily to different devices and storage units.


The accessories offered by Testronix are also best for enhancing the functioning of the Testronix color measuring instruments. These accessories include Powder testing box, universal testing component, Ø8 mm large measuring aperture and Built-in-white-calibration. These accessories are also essential for best color quality control of the pharmaceutical products.

Hence, with the help of color measurement instruments, it has become easy for the manufacturers of Food & Beverage industry to measure the color consistency of food items, beverages, and other ingredients easily.