Color Measurement For Elevated Quality Of Food Products

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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General perception of an object is directly related to its visual appearance. When a customer wants to buy food products, the decision is made even before it is tasted. The look of the products has a significant impact on the taste.  The color of an object is basically the impact of the wavelength of light’s visible spectrum that falls on the object. The color of the food products is mainly related to the intensity and quality of the ingredients that are being used in the products. This color can easily be measured with the highly accurate food color measuring device.

The color measurement instruments are mostly portable and easy to use. Along with the ease of use, these instruments are also incorporated with a high level of precision and accuracy that helps in yielding the most accurate test results.

The food color measuring devices are not only used for measuring the color of the finished goods but also they are used for the testing of the raw material as well to ensure the best quality of the products. Although the visual inspection of the colors of the products is also necessary but there are some limitations of this approach such as problems in the human, different lighting conditions, ophthalmic diseases and so forth. On the other hand, when the color is tested with the help of these devices, they deliver a high rate of repeatability. Additionally, the instruments simulate the test results just like the perception of the colors by human eye.

Testronix is a global manufacturer of high-quality food color measuring devices that are being used in the industries extensively. The instrument offered by Testronix are portable, easy to use and yield highly accurate test results for better quality assurance.

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