Color Assessment for Baked Food Quality Control

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The color of baked food items is based upon its ingredients used and also the baking or processing method. The color or hue in baked items also differ from product to product. The baked cookies and baked bread both will share a distinct appearance, although both are made from flour. These color are induced by the same reaction in all type of baked items which is Maillard reaction.

This is a complex chemical reaction between amino acids and reduced sugar in the elevated temperature. The most common result of such reaction is browning color on the product. But it is also known for producing typical flavours in the baked food. More than 100 of distinct tastes are developed due to this process of baking.

The food color assessment has always given wide importance. As per the research it has been proved that the purchasers make their buying decision for baked food depending upon the color. They expect a particular degree of browning in different items. Based on which they make decisions. For instance if they find a baked cookie to be light brown, they may assume that it is not baked properly and is half-cooked and reject to buy.

Therefore, testing the color of bake foods items is very important. And to do that, one must use the right testing equipment such as SpectrophotometerAllows 45/0 geometry for optical measurement. Has a touch program for operation and display both. Ergonomic design and very much portable in nature. Automated white and black calibration allowed.

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