Check Fuel Quality with Color Assessment of Petroleum

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color plays a major role in defining the quality and refining level of petroleum. The color at any stage of processing in petroleum can explain its quality and helps in inspection of contamination. As we all know that petroleum based products are wide spread and are a major consumable item, with clients relying on the color and hue changes for making purchasing decisions.  In such conditions, it often gets difficult to fulfil the visual perception of customers as well as the quality. TP 800 Portable Spectrophotometer is a high-tech based color measuring device which can resemble the human observing perceptions and detect minute level of color changes in the product.

There are set color parameters and standards which are established to check the quality of petroleum products. These set guideline are important to meet for a product to pass and delivered in the market. Spectral analysis is considered best fit for such comparative color assessment as per international standards. The equipment is highly durable due to its strong shape and use of high-grade material in its construction. It is portable in nature and can be carried anywhere in the industrial plant for conducting stage wise testing. They help to produce repeatable accurate color units which is imperative for deciding its specific application.

For measuring the petroleum based liquid substance, color measurement accessories are also available on request. Universal test component is used for pouring liquid material and then testing its color with spectrophotometer. The equipment operations are based on highly advanced touch screen display and innovative new features.

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