Checking Color Quality of Spices with TP 800 Tester

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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There is a direct connection between the spice color and the human perception of deciding which spice is fresh or not. That is why controlling color quality of spices using hi-tech measuring devices such as TP 800 Spectrophotometer is a vital part used across the globe in spice production system. The process monitoring used for spices relies on spectral testing modes.

Spices produced from a wide variety of source can differ from each other in color. As many of us know that many spices are not used for improving the flavours in a recipe but also to enhance the color quality of food. This is why manufacturers of spices relies on TP 800 color control test during the development   and processing stages of spices throughout the world.  It is a very common phenomenon that the pigment in a raw spice increases with time. Hence this phenomenon can be used to see when is the spices are ripen till an amount where it can be grinded for spice manufacturing.

The spices color also differs when they are solid or liquid and even in a paste form. TP 800 is an equipment which can conduct highly precise color measurement in every state, whether the spice are dry, crushed or in a paste form (for semi-solid material, universal test component used along with TP800).

The equipment provides an illumination of 45/0 degree with standardization to DIN, CIE, ASTM and ISO standards. There is high importance of calibration in the color measurement industry. The device offers automated mode of black and white calibration. Can save up to 15000 test sample values.

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