Bursting Strength Tester - Significance & Importance

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In recent times corrugated boxes are one of the most efficient used method for packaging as they help in protecting the material & at the same time are cost effective techniques used to prepare.
The manufacturer put in all their efforts when it comes to the design manufacturing and marketing but there is always one thing which bothers them ‘QUALITY’.
Maintaining the quality and durability of the products manufactured by them may become a challenge.
The quality of these corrugated boxes has to be maintained at all times & hence various tests have to be performed so as to ascertain & judge the quality of the boxes efficiently.
The testronix bursting strength tester comes in digital and analogue models providing accurate results for the manufactures.
Adhering to standards and regulations is a tough task which plays on the minds of manufactures especially in the packaging industry.

Once the testing data is received from the machine the manufactures can easily improve upon the quality if packaging material and can provide their customers the best of products.

With the help of testronix bursting strength tester the manufacturers do not have to worry about the quality of packaging material

Testronix bursting strength tester - Testronix or nothing

The bursting factor of the paper when divided by the mass of paper in grams per square meter helps in calculating the bursting strength of paper.
Testing may become a rigorous & may become the most difficult & the time consuming but not anymore difficult to fix.

Choosing the appropriate corrugated boxes and tests like bursting factor help you determine the right box for you.
The bursting factor assists in ascertaining the durability of the corrugated boxes against external and internal factors. It measures the extent to which the corrugated boxes can protect the products that are packed and stored in them.

Testronix also aims to provide after sales support to the customers on time. This makes testronix instruments the best option for box manufactures.

Choosing weaker corrugated box increases risk of products getting damaged and stronger box increases cost.

The bursting strength provides the manufacturers with the amount of pressure paper can withstand. This measurement varies from material to material and can change depending on the quality of sample being used.

Importance’s are given below: -

  • Bursting Strength Tester is a very accurate instrument for the measurement of strength and performance of materials.
  • Testronix bursting strength is available in analogue and digital models
  • Hence the value of the bursting strength can be calculated in kg/cm2.
  • Testronix provides the bursting strength tester at economical and affordable prices.
  • The instrument also has the feature of a Bright LED digital display to make it user friendly.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction and repeatability.
  • Most flexible & reliable machine.

Testronix provides you with the best solution for bursting strength tester and is the premier manufactures for bursting strength tester in this industry.

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