Assess The Whiteness Of Clothes Used In Hotels And Hospitals

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In hotels and hospitals, white color is the best and preferred color used for linens, towels, and sheets because it is directly associated with the cleanliness and freshness. There is no standard provided for preference of shade in white color as its all depend on the perception & taste of the users. Frequent usage and exposure of the white cloth and then to the chemical at the time of cleaning and washing can affect the whiteness of the linen cloths and turn it to yellowish color which looks unhygienic and dirty. The lack of assessing the whiteness of linen forces the users to reject the material before the ends of its actual life which unnecessarily leads to incurring the purchasing cost by replacing it. Grading the white color by visual assessment is entirely useless because different conditions of lights and eye fatigue will affect the results.

Textile Color Matching Instrument for Assessment of White

The color measuring instruments such as Testronix’s Color viewing booth has the ability to measure the whiteness and color rendering index of the white cloth. The device is used to grade the exact shade of white objectively. Testronix offers three models of Color Viewing booths as per the spectrum of Asia, USA, and Euro. The device is capable enough to quantify the white colored fabrics.

Key Features of Textile Color Matching Booth

  • Visual color assessment under different light sources at 45o
  • Highly recommended for color variation application.
  • Better color matching with faster results
  • Operated in very short span of time.
  • Provided with an individual switch for every Individual light source.

Technical Specification of Testronix’s Color Viewing Booths – Asia

Five different lights are assembled in Color Viewing Booth as per Asia spectrum for the best analysis of color samples.

  • D65– It is an Artificial Daylight that offers an approximate color temperature of 6500oK.
  • Tungsten Filament Light – TFL bulb is a yellow light bulb.
  • Cool White Fluorescent- CWF light is used to emit green light, and that offers the temperature of 1400oK
  • UV black light- UV black light light emits a long wavelength of black light that apparently tests the whiteness of the products.
  • TL-84-  TL-84 source of light is used when there is a requirement of a yellowish red light.

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