Assess Color Of Beverages To Increase Color Efficiency

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color is an important factor to measure the quality assurance of food and beverages. Quality of food is strongly assessed by its color and color consistency represents the brand image. So, it is important to maintain color consistency. Color predetermines our expectations of flavour and taste. Consumers recognise that yellow goes with lemon and pink goes with grapefruit. Colors also affect the apparent level of sweetness.

Natural colors that is suitable for beverages varies by the type of beverage and packaging. The pH level of a beverage influence in predicting the performance of natural colors. A broad variety of liquids are consumed by the customers such as soft drinks, milk coffee, hot chocolate, fruit and vegetable juices etc. In the fast growing market race and to lead the competition, it is important for the manufacturers to maintain the quality of their products. Colors impact the psychology of customers at the time of purchasing own choice of drinks.

Color Matching Cabinet/Machine is the appropriate machine to measure the color efficiency. The machine gives an environment to visualise the assessment and evaluation of color in controlled lightening conditions. It is a light weight tool to test samples anywhere. Color and appearance evaluation for the beverage industry ensures the overall product appearance is similar from lot to lot. Production, storage and modifications in the ingredients change the base color of drinks and beverages. It might give the perception to the customers as low quality. The color difference effects the mind of the customers and might perceive that taste is also different. So, the main objective is to assure that the customers do not have objection to the differences and does not affect their buying decision.

Beverages are opaque, translucent and transparent which requires various instruments and methods for measuring the color and appearance. To develop a technique for measuring of a beverage, it is important that measurement is critical to comparing results from various samples.

Color Matching Light Box measures colors of items with the human eye at the time of production processes for controlling quality. It provides a consistent light source for accurate and faster color matching. It is used in manufacturing unit and laboratories to maintain quality and color consistency of a product.

Color Matching Booth makes use of standard light like D Light, TL-84, UVB, TFL, and CWF light. Testronix has a long time experience in providing drinks and beverages color measurement solutions which is a renowned name in the market. Various design technologically advanced color testing machines for consumable liquid manufacturers are designed by Testronix.

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