Ascertain Impact Resistance of Flexible Packaging Sheets with Dart Impact Tester

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There are numerous products that are packed with flexible packaging to avoid any kind of spillage or contamination. There should be a minimal level of durability of flexible packaging material as they are used as packaging products over perishable & sensitive products.

The manufacturers of packaging materials have to keep the durability of these packaging sheets high & resistant to many external forces. These packaging sheets undergo various testing assessments before being utilized for the final product delivery.

A crucial testing factor is to ascertain the impact resistance of these sheets against impacts. Testronix provides a solution to manufacturers in curbing this issue of testing the specimen against impact by serving the dart impact tester to manufacturers.

The dart impact tester is a lab testing instrument designed with extreme precision to critically analyze the ability of flexible packaging sheets against impacts as they are highly prone to such impacts in real life.

Taking a look at the working principle of the instrument will help us understand the instrument better.

Working Principle of Dart Impact Tester

The falling dart impact tester is engineered to perfection in order to evaluate the ability of the specimen (flexible packaging material/sheet) to sustain the load.

The specimen is clamped firmly over the die or hole with the help of dedicated grippers and clampers. These grippers and clampers ensure no movement of the specimen during the conduction of the test due to the rugged surface provision.

The operator must make sure that the specimen is evenly tightened from both ends without any presence of creases or bending.

Once the operator makes sure that the sample is fully tightened the dart which can be phenolic or steel is adjusted to either 660 mm or 1524 mm as per compliance with designated standards. The darts are adjusted with the help of an allen key to aid the operator in conducting simplified testing.

The operator should also assess the requirement of the weight of the dart before dropping it on the specimen. The weight of the dart can vary from 5 grams to 2 Kg generating 3 Kg of thrust.

After assessing all the necessary factors, the dart from the drop dart impact tester is released with the help of a release pedal making the dart fall freely on the specimen without the help of any external force other than gravity.

The falling dart impacts the specimen and may or may not rupture it, going through the specimen to the dartboard which is constructed of extremely durable material.

The operator can now visually assess the effect of the impact on the specimen and thus derive the quality of the manufactured flexible packaging sheet.

The instrument is also equipped with high-end features that promote single-handed testing.

Features of Dart Impact Tester

The impact tester is equipped with an adjustable magnet and an adjustable Allen key to aid manufacturers in conducting the fall from different heights repeatedly with minimal or no hassle.

The clamping devices installed within the drop dart impact tester for plastic films ensure that the sample is placed accurately with its circular & angular construction, avoiding all sorts of creasing and bending of the specimen to ensure maximum accuracy.

The dart impact tester allows testing to be conducted from two different height settings to enable the manufacturer to achieve high levels of accuracy with extreme precision at all times during the test.

The different darts also satisfy variable testing standards that provide a sense of assurance to the operator as well as the manufacturer of the flexible packaging material/sheets.

The instrument is widely used by manufacturers across industries because of its robust construction with a rigid metallic base that ensures the long-term durability of the instrument.

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