Accurate Color Matching Instrument for Paint Retailers

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color matching has been always a problem for the paint retailers as they are unable to resolve the issue of metamerism. Metamerism is optical in which one color can appear different under different lighting condition. For instance a wall colored as red may appear orange in direct sunlight and deep red at night.

Therefore, it is now very important to conduct high accuracy test for inspecting the quality of the color under various lighting conditions. Now you may think that can be easily done by keep a coated sample on daylight and observe it at night. But how would you imitate the Asian color or light spectrum at one place.

This is why color measurement industry produced a technology which can help in evaluating the metamerism issue on paints. The color viewing booth is equipped with distinct Asian light sources which covers all the possible lighting conditions. One must use the cabinet for ensuring that the product must not lose its original color identity anytime or at any lighting condition.

The device test process is very simple. Paint a particular sample and place the painted sample in distinct lighting condition and visualize if you find the color to be same all the time. The booth is designed following international test standards and is a high-quality testing chamber. The paint retailers must use the cabinet to test the effect of metamerism on their paint and then can improve the product further.

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