Color matching has always been an issue for paint retailers. Finding that perfect matching shade is a never-ending search for many. Moreover, earlier to conduct the matching process, they used to put up thousands of differently printed color swatches in front of homeowners or contractors, so that they could visually pair with the sample they wanted to match to. Your technician would then run out to the stock room or mix up a new can, and they’d be on their way. How about if just one tool can allow you to see if the master color matches the other one or not. In this blog section, we will share details about the color viewing booth and its application in color matching of paints.

This method resulted in a lot of complaints of poor color matches, which meant unhappy customers. Printed swatches aren’t the same color as liquid paint in a can or solid paint on a wall. The fluorescent lighting of your store isn’t the same as the incandescent or LED lighting of a home’s interior and certainly isn’t the same as daylight through a window or on an exterior surface. Matching under these conditions will yield results that are fairly close to the desired color, and if people aren’t picky, that’s probably close enough. However, some people want exact matches, and as the human eye can distinguish between millions of discrete colors, they’ve got a lot to pick from. So paint retailers found a better way.

There are some factors that need to be taken into account. Color perception is affected by changes in gloss can cause variations in color measurements.   The same color can be formulated in Flat, Eggshell or Gloss, and you might want a few gallons of each.  This issue is not insurmountable. Choosing an instrument that can account for variations in texture is possible with the help of the experts Testronix. With the proper machine and expert training at the store level—which can then be taught to junior technicians responsible for day-to-day operations—a store can demonstrably improve its color matching abilities.

The color viewing booth is a very important instrument that is used for matching of different products and materials for their colors with a standard reference. The instrument is best for matching the test specimen in different light sources. The instrument is best for testing the specimen for a defect called metamerism.

The metamerism is the phenomenon which causes the colors of products to appear different in different light sources. This can also affect the quality of the products as well as their appearance. The D65 Light Box is a very extensively used instrument that helps the manufacturers of different products in the elimination of the metamerism from them. Testronix offers three different types of color viewing booth that are ASIA, EURO and USA models. The instrument is extensively used in industries such as Paints, food processing, textiles and many others.

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