Springs Testing Instruments

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Spring Testing Instruments

Spring manufacturers need quality testing instruments to ensure precision and providence.

Testronix Testing Instruments offers the best in quality spring testing instruments, including tensile strength testers and salt spray chambers. Our products are designed to help manufacturers test the performance of their springs and ensure better product quality.

With our products, you can rest assured that your springs will meet or exceed all industry standards for quality. We have the tools you need to get the job done right, so you can produce the highest-quality springs possible.

Tensile Strength Tester – Tensile testing is the most important part of the spring testing process. For spring manufacturing, lightweight, high-strength materials are essential. Keeping this in mind, it is useful to develop this strong type of sheet metal and perform quality control, so tensile testing is necessary.

Testronix Tensile Testing machine is primarily used to evaluate the breaking strength of springs and metal components.

It is also important to measure the mechanical properties of new lighter weight, high strength alloys, since these can used in the production of springs and other components. Using a Universal Testing machine helps manufacturers to determine not just the tensile strength, but also the process-hardening coefficients (n values), rupture strength and elastic modulus.

Corrosion Testing

Resistance to corrosion can be evaluated using a Salt Spray Chamber. It is a very reliable & effective piece of equipment, wherein, the sample is placed inside the salt spray chamber and is exposed to a very intensive salt-based atmosphere for a specified period of time.

Testronix Salt Spray Chamber is widely used to perform accelerated corrosion testing on a wide variety of mechanical parts, springs and bearings.

Compression Tester Springs are also evaluated using compression testing. The purpose of testing is to create a database linked to actual subjective evaluations.

All testing procedures and instruments manufactured by Testronix Instruments are strictly in accordance with ISO, ASTM, and other standards.

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