What Does Spectrophotometer Measures?

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In the world of colors, the spectrophotometer TP 800 is commonly used equipment. A spectrophotometer is a color analysis device that is used in most laboratories and industries to measure the absorbance offered by a chemical solution when light passes through it.

spectrophotometer TP 800

Portable spectrophotometer can be used for analyzing the concentration of the primary colors in the solution that contribute to its overall appearance. Every color absorbs a certain wavelength of light, and a certain wavelength of light is transmitted or reflected by the same solution. The procedure of light absorption can be used for the purpose of determining the chemical substance as well.

Working principle of Portable Spectrophotometer

The working of a spectrophotometer is based on Beer’s Law, or Beer-Lambert’s Law which can be expressed as the amount of light absorbed by a solution is directly proportional to the concentration of the solution. The mathematical expression for Beer’s Law can be given as

A = εlc

Where A is the absorbance of the solution or sample, ε is the molar extinction coefficient or molar absorptivity or absorption coefficient is the path length and c is the concentration of the solution. The absorption coefficient is constant for a given chemical solution, and it can vary with every molecule. You can read more on what does spectrophotometer measures.

Types of Spectrophotometers

There are two instruments used in a spectrophotometer that is spectrometer that is used for creating the desired wavelength of light and the photometer which is used for measuring the intensity of transmitted light.

Portable Spectrophotometer

The instruments are designed in such a way that the liquid is placed in a cuvette which lies between the spectrometer and the photometer. When the spectrometer sends a beam of light to the liquid, the liquid absorbs some part of the beam and rest is transmitted to the photometer which then measures the intensity of the transmitted light. Color analysis made easy with this portable spectrophotometer.

Uses of Portable Spectrophotometer

The spectrophotometry is used in industries and laboratories for measuring the light absorbency of a variety of materials and products. Some of the materials that are tested through spectrophotometers are as follows.

  • They can be used for measuring the concentration of the chemical compounds and solutions that are used for different experiments in laboratories.
  • The spectrophotometers can be used for measuring the color concentration in different food ingredients and food products.


  • The instrument is also used for testing the colors intensity of textile materials and products to ensure that the best processing of such materials.

Testronix offers highly efficient and accurate spectrophotometers that have been used in many different industries to ensure the best color quality of products. TP 800 portable spectrophotometer offers a high rate of repeatability with very little scope for errors between two measurements.

Benefits of using Portable Spectrophotometer TP 800

The spectrophotometer is equipped with dual viewing angles of the specimen that allow the operator a crystal clear vision for precise and accurate assessment of the specimen.

The instrument offers a homogenous ray of lights which enable the operator to perform testing under variable atmospheric illumination. For ex. D-65 lightening atmosphere.

The reflectance of the light rays can be adjusted to a 45o angle, allowing the specimen to align with the light rays, and assisting the manufacturer to evaluate the color tonality with a lot more precision.

using Portable Spectrophotometer

The instrument offers a reflectance curve of 400-700nm which is designed to comply with a human’s visionary standards. This enhances the accuracy of the operator performing the task.

The SQT8 software of the device promotes single-handed operations without any hassle at all and also enables the tracking of results with absolute facile.

The instrument’s operator-friendly features enhance the repeatability of testing. Features like capacitive buttons along with a touchscreen to perform testing with ease and derive desired results. You can read more on the benefits of portable spectrophotometer.

How does the spectrophotometer work?

The Spectrophotometer is a lab testing instrument designed to function under an ambient atmosphere that does not range above or less than the humidity levels of 30% to 95%.

The instrument is turned on with the help of a power switch associated with the right side. After pressing the switch button, you can see the digital LCD screen turn on.

The instrument will depict white & black calibration as per the required standards of the designated testing standard. After selecting the white calibration option, the operator can simply place the measuring aperture above the whiteboard.

Once the measuring aperture is precisely positioned, the operator can press the ‘ok’ / ‘testing’ button to start the white calibration of the specimen being tested.

Similarly, the black calibration is performed by the operator to eradicate the black cavity.

After performing both calibrations, the operator can simply profile the specimen as per the required standards. After profiling the sample according to the designated standards, the operator can press the ‘Sample measure’ button.

spectrophotometer work

The LCD screen will depict the L* a* b* C* h* data on the left side as the data of the current sample and similar data indicating the color difference between the current sample and the standard sample.

This is how the spectrophotometer enables single-handed testing of colored specimens with absolute facile and no hassle at all. If you want to know more about this testing instrument then you can give us a call at +91 9313 140 140 or email us at info@testronixinstruments.com.

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