What are the Materials that Can Be Tested in a Scuff Resistance Tester?

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The printing process is an extremely important task after the manufacturing of the products. These printed items carry information about the item as well as marketing content which is necessary for the brand to build a reputation or leave an impact in the minds of the customers.

The prints & labels over products are crucial and must be taken care of with maximum attention as they carry instructions regarding the item. For example, the expiry date, the manufacturing date, how to use instructions, and a lot more. As an end consumer, it is the basic requirement to be informed about the expiration date of the product for consumption purposes and to avoid any fatal accidents or harm that may be caused due to false information or misprinted/ unprinted information.

Scuff Resistance Tester

To avoid such circumstances and ensure maximum consumer satisfaction by providing all the necessary information through good-quality printing, manufacturers run different tests to evaluate the printing quality against rubbing.

The printing is usually conducted on packaged items that are closely situated together during the storage & transit measures. These items rub against each other hampering the printing on the items. To make sure that the rubbing of items together does not force print erosion, it is highly necessary to get these products tested with the scuff resistance tester made by the finest in the country – Testronix.

The company has come up with this futuristic lab testing instrument to aid manufacturers from all across the industries to assess printing over different materials and avoid misprinting or print erasion during transit. Let us take a look at how the lab testing instrument functions and provides such accurate results repeatedly.

Functioning Mechanism of Scuff Resistance Tester

The scuff testing instrument is designed with absolute precision to simulate the real-life rubbing of samples against each other, assisting the manufacturer in evaluating the rub/scuff resistance of the materials being tested.

To assess the longevity of printing over the specimen, it is crucial for the operator to position the sample among the jaws of the instrument accurately. The scuff resistance tester for printed paper is incorporated with two variable jaws i.e. the upper jaw and the lower jaw.

Once the specimen is positioned precisely in both jaws it is necessary for the operator to make sure that the specimen is clamped firmly which will ensure zero slippage, wrinkle-free placement, and more accurate test results.

The grippers with the samples rub against each other simulating real-life rubbing of specimens together. The speed of these grippers powered by the motorized geared system for scuff movement is 60 Rotations per minute in a clockwise direction.

The upper jaw is forced onto the lower jaw with a pressure assembly of 2 psi. It is vital to note that the lower gripper remains stagnant and the upper gripper moves in the mentioned circular motion.

The operator has the allowance to adjust the counts of rotation with the help of the control panel associated with the microprocessor-based digital display. The display indicates results and allows the operator to simply record the data after every test conduction.

The scuff testing instrument operates with certain quality attributes that play a pivotal role in helping the operator perform tests and also manufacturers from various industries to achieve high levels of accuracy.

High-Quality Aspects of the Scuff Resistance Tester

The scuff resistance tester is a Feature-loaded lab testing instrument designed with high-quality engineering to aid manufacturers in providing good-quality printing over products & items, ensuring the provision of necessary knowledge to the end consumer of the product.

The scuff resistance tester for printed paper is equipped with a safety key to avoid the movement of the grippers when not in use and avoid the usage of the instrument by other operators.

The instrument is incorporated with strong gripping clamps that ensure no slippage of the specimen when the testing is underway. This provides repeatable testing results due to precision and consistency.

The scuff testing instrument is offered with a top-quality motorized weight arrangement of sample along with the finest motorized geared system for the scuff movement that ensures a correct determination of the results.

The scuff resistance tester is imbibed with a highly advanced microprocessor-based digital display that can be utilized as a time as well as a counter of rotations by the jaw. This promotes single-handed promotions with absolute facile.

The lab testing equipment has gained the trust of manufacturers from various industries like laminates, sheets, corrugated papers, and mono cartons due to its compliance with various industry standards such as ASTM F 2497-05, BS 3110:1959.

The build of the scuff resistance tester is a feature in itself as the instrument is built with mild steel coated with a 7 layered powder paint to imbibe anti-corrosive properties and enhance the rustproofing of the instrument thus increasing the longevity of the instrument itself.

All these features incorporated together into one instrument allow the manufacturer to achieve maximum levels of accuracy by ensuring single-handed testing.

The instrument is very similar to the ink abrasion tester, therefore it is very important to not get confused between the two as the scuff resistance tester assesses the printing quality of the specimen and the ink abrasion tester assesses the quality of ink printed over the specimen.

Get Your Hands on the Futuristic Scuff Resistance Tester Right Away

If you also want to enhance the printing quality of your products & items to ensure perfect marketing and the provision of correct information to the end customer, you can simply get the most futuristic lab testing instrument. You can get your hands on the equipment by reaching out to the scuff tester manufacturer in Delhi NCR – Testronix.

To know more about the product or any other lab testing instrument, feel free to reach out to our website and also contact us via phone call at + 91 9313140140 or directly e-mail us at info@testronixinstruments.com. Get the best scuff tester price and enhance your printing quality.

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