What are Some Common Applications of Vibration Table?

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Manufacturing of products is the foremost aspect of consumer satisfaction but even the slightest of mistakes in the later stages can hamper the entire hard work of manufacturers put into the construction of the product. The construction processes take a lot of load, hard work, precision & accurate testing measures.

To ensure that the work put in by the manufacturers in the construction of the instrument, the logistics that take care of the storage & transportation come into the picture. They make sure that these products are transported from one place to their destination with absolute safety & maximum security. However, transportation through roads can be a big hassle even after using high-quality packaging products due to the deteriorated road conditions in some areas.

To keep the safety & security of the packed items intact, Testronix has an amazing lab testing instrument to offer manufacturers from all across the industries and not only manufacturers but also transporters or businesses into logistics & transportation services.

vibration table

The lab testing instrument is known as the vibration table. The instrument is designed to simulate the road conditions and speed breakers on the road that a specimen will have to undergo during transportation. To make sure that the specimens are durable enough to withstand such hazards faced during transit, the vibration table is offered.

It is very important to evaluate how exactly the instrument functions to derive an accurate simulation of road hazards and determine the durability of these manufactured products which will later ensure consumer satisfaction and thus brand building.

Functioning Procedure of the Vibration Table

The vibration table is an instrument designed to perform repetitive vibration into different methodologies to simulate all kinds of transit hazards while the manufactured product or the boxes carrying products are undergoing transit through roads.

vibration table instrument

To conduct the vibration testing, the operator of the instrument must make sure that the specimen does not exceed the boundaries of the platform of the vibration table.

conduct the vibration testing

The sample must be placed precisely i.e. within the boundaries of the platform. It is important to note that the vibration testing must be conducted with filled boxes for real-life simulation.

The instrument performs vibration at four different standards which are:

  • Vertical synchronous
  • Vertical asynchronous
  • Swivel asynchronous
  • Swivel synchronous

All these movements are repetitive and simulate different kinds of breakers & pothole experiences on the road. The lab testing instrument allows the operator to select the vibration type or conduct all four for maximum accuracy.

The operator of the vibration table can adjust the angle of testing by adjusting the platform of the instrument. The testing angles can be adjusted to three different degrees to ensure maximum accuracy.

The three testing angles are:

  • 30 degrees
  • 60 degrees
  • 90 degrees

The operator can conduct the test for as long as required to comply with the guidelines of the standard and achieve maximum satisfaction from the test results.

The instrument is equipped with certain features that are necessary for both manufacturers as well as the end consumer to ensure satisfaction and high levels of accuracy. These features also include safety as their prime aspect to ensure hassle-free testing.

Features of the Vibration Table

The vibration table manufacturer has incorporated certain quality attributes within the instrument to enhance the testing measures and also provide accuracy while ensuring expedited & safe testing.

Features of the Vibration Table

The lab testing instrument has been the prime choice of manufacturers majorly from the paper & packaging industry due to its proper bolting and robust construction with mild steel material coated with powder paint for anti-resistive properties.

The instrument provides an assurance of zero slippage of the specimen due to the rugged surface of the platform along with safety railings on the side. This safety railing makes sure that the specimen does not fall during the testing and avoids fatal accidents or losses.

The vibration table manufacturer offers a customizable feature for every consumer to avail which is the customizable size of the platform plate as per the requirement of the consumer.

The instrument is also equipped with a digital timer associated with the control panel, allowing the operator to perform testing for a limited period of time and easily access the results.

The control panel also offers an incorporation of feather touch controls that promote single-handed & seamless testing without any trouble or issues.

There are certain questions that make space for confusion regarding the vibration table. As the leading lab testing manufacturer, it is the duty of Testronix to answer these questions and assist you in buying better.

Faq's Regarding the Vibration Table

Ques. why is it important to perform testing into variable vibration methods?

Ans. It becomes highly necessary to test the sample under 4 different vibration methods as the potholes, speed breakers & thumps on the roads are not alike and have a different impact angle would cause a different kind of struggle.

Ques. Why is it so important to use the applications of the Vibration Table?

Ans. It is mandatory for the operators, manufacturers & transporters to use the vibration table before undergoing transit procedure to ensure the durability & safety of products against numerous road hazards in order to make sure that the packaged products reach the end consumer safely and enhance their user experience.

Get Your Hands on the Top-notch Vibration Table Right Now

To safeguard your packaged items from the hazards of transit via roads, it is extremely necessary to get these products tested with the help of a vibration table. You can contact the nearest vibration table supplier or can directly place an order online through our website. In the case of further queries regarding the instrument’s specifications & price, you can directly contact us at +91 9313140140. If you liked or disliked our services please share your feedback as it will help us grow and serve you better at info@testronixinstruments.com. Testronix aims to help manufacturers from different industries by providing state-of-the-art technology embedded within the instrument.

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