Understanding the Colours of Beverages

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Colours are the new attraction of the beverage industry. From fluorescent blue to pretty pink drinks, beverages are being served in different colours. When cocktails and mocktails of bright vivid colours are served, a concentrated syrup is used, that has the base colour and base flavour of the drink. Getting the right coloured syrup every time is a crucial task because any drink can become signature drink of a bar and reason for the big crowd turn up.

In processing units, colour managers are employed at every step of the processing. From recipe kitchen to the packaging of the concentrated syrup in the bottle. Colour managers are highly dependent on instruments like portable spectrophotometer and colorimeters. These instruments are equipped with high-end processing circuits that quantify the colours and enable the comparison of the sample with the master.

portable spectrophotometer work by separating the illumination of the light in accordance with different wavelengths. The instruments are equipped with multiple sensors to observe the wavelengths and analyse the colour.

Testronix’s Spectrophotometer – TP 800

This smart device is made up by utilising the advanced principle of spectroscopy. The luminance of the light is separated as per the wavelength intervals. A group of sensors absorbs the wavelength and produce a corresponding electric signal. This electrical signal is processed by the intelligent digital circuit to provide the output in the form of ?E, L*a*b. Apart from these values, the spectral reflectance curve can also be realised by a colour matching parameter to calculate the real factors of colour formulae.

Testronix’s Colorimeter – TP 60CP

A colorimeter works on the principle of colorimetry. It is a light sensitive device and measures the transmittance and absorption of light passing through the liquefied sample. Testronix’s colorimeter is a compact and portable device. Due to its portable nature and ergonomic design, its use is not restricted to laboratories. It can be used for on-site inspection as well. It is an economic option against all other colour measuring devices and preferred by beverage industry due to its efficiency to measure the colour of liquids.

Testronix offers a wide range of liquid colour measuring instruments at competitive prices. If you are hunting for such devices, it is a one-stop solution for all your colour measuring problems. Contact our experts today for technical specifications.

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