Top 5 Advantages of Using Salt Spray Chamber in Metal Industry

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In the metal industry, the manufacturers are worried about corrosion and how it will lead to destruction in the metals. Therefore, it is very important for the manufacturers to take environmental tests to ensure the quality of metals. The salt spray chamber from Testronix Testing Instruments is one of the effective testing instruments that will help you to test the quality of materials.

This is considered to be one of the highest quality testing equipment that helps you to conduct the corrosion test effectively. Thus, you can easily measure the corrosion resistance of the coating when exposed to a highly corrosive environment. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with brief information about salt spray chamber and how it is helpful in testing the quality of metals.

Perform highly salt spray test in a highly corrosive environment with salt spray chamber

If you are looking for the best testing equipment to test the corrosion resistance properties of surface coatings then there is no best testing equipment other than a salt spray chamber. This amazing testing equipment will help you to flexibly conduct the salt test in a salt-laden environment. We also provide you instruction manual so that you will not find any problem in conducting the salt spray test.

In the metal industry, there are various grades of iron or its alloys that are susceptible to corrosion to varying degrees, depending on their composition. Such components are usually given a protective coating of paint or any no corrodible material in order to increase their resistance to corrosion, thus increasing their life. The corrosion resistance provided by such coatings is determined by subjecting either the coated component or a test panel coated under identical conditions to an accelerated corrosion test.

This amazing testing instrument has been fabricated from a fiber-reinforced sheet and has an acrylic fitting lid. Besides that, this lab testing instrument has been provided with several amazing features. We have created a list of features below.

Features of Testronix salt spray chamber PVC model

Testronix is considered to be one of the top service providers for testing the quality of your products. This lab testing equipment is one of the best testing equipment that will help you to conduct the salt spray test on the surface coatings. Thus, we have come up with the best and advanced features you will get with the help of this lab testing instrument.

  • Test solution inlet has been provided to conduct the quality test.
  • It comes with an in-built control panel and has set for precise parameters.
  • It comes with a robust and corrosion-proof body.
  • Specimen viewing canopy transparent
  • The angle of the canopy designed as per standards for accurate test results
  • 100% compliance to ASTM B117
  • Measuring barrel for salt collection

Technical Specifications of salt spray chamber PVC model

  • Compressed Air Pressure - 1.0~6.0 Kgf
  • Spray Volume - 1.0~2.0ml /80cm2 /h(working at least 16 hours, and take the average value)
  • Lab Temperature - Saline test (NSS ACSS) 35±1 C & Corrosion Test
  • Pressure chamber Temperature - Saline test method / Corrosion Test
  • Saline Concentration - 5% concentration of NaCl, or every Liter 5% NaCl add 0.26g
  • Size of testing specimen - 150x70mm or 100x65mm
  • Pressure adjustment - 1.00± 0.01kgf/cm2
  • Saline Concentration - 5% concentration of NaCl, or every Liter 5% NaCl add 0.26g
  • Chamber Size: L600 x W400x H450

Benefits you will get with Testronix salt spray chamber

The salt spray chamber will not only help you to assess the quality of metals but also provide you with a complete analysis of how durable your metal coating is when exposed to a salt-laden environment. Thus, you can easily provide a complete analysis of how durable your metal is with the help of this lab testing equipment.

  • The Testronix salt spray chamber is one of the highly advanced testing instruments that will help you to test the durability of metal products.
  • The PVC model of this lab testing instrument will help you to detect the quality of material in different environmental conditions.
  • It comes with a triple-wall structure that will help you to restrict the entry of moisture or any contaminants in the testing chamber.
  • The salt will automatically get mixed in the water and can be sprayed on the surface of the equipment.
  • It will accurately test the effects of corrosion on your products within some testing hours.

These are the top benefits you will get with the help of this lab testing instrument. If you need any more help in regards to this testing equipment, then you can easily call us at +91 9313140140 or email us at

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