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Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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When we talk about liquids, we are talking about everything that flows, like, chemical oils, beverages, paints, liquid detergents, etc. And, based on their basic molecular composition, they are either opaque, transparent or translucent. 

Their ability to allow the light to pass through them defines their quality. Many liquids pass their quality test by just measuring their ability to pass the light. Take the example of juice, it is believed that the more concentrated a juice is, the better is its quality. Otherwise, it is adulterated with water or another solvent. Liquid colour measurement is an important quality check apart from other quality factors. The appearance of the liquid impacts the buying decision of the customer and therefore liquid colour measurement is to measure.

Different types of liquids

Apart from transparency, the colour of the liquid holds a value. Take the example of liquids you find in your home, milk, sauce, oils, toilet cleaner, other cleaning agents, etc. are recognised by their colour. If you ever change the brand of any of these, you immediately spot the difference. Just imagine, if there is any discrepancy in their colour of transparency, the consumer can immediately spot the difference. Therefore, achieving a high level of consistency in their colour and transparency properties is important.

  • Opaque Liquids

Opaque liquids do not allow any light to pass through it. They absorb all lights from the spectrum and reflect one light which appears as the colour of the product. To ensure the best colour, it is always advised to measure the colour of opaque liquids i.e. 45o/0o that ensures that colour of the opaque liquids will be measured appropriately.

  • Translucent liquids

Translucent liquids allowed some amount of light to pass through it. Measuring the colour of translucent liquids requires smart colour measuring devices as there is some interference of surrounding light. For these types of liquids, reflectance type device is best to test the samples quickly.

  • Transparent Liquids

These kinds of liquids allow the light to pass through them completely without any interruptions. For these kind of liquids, Portable Spectrophotometers plays a major role that allows measuring the degree of transmittance easily.

Best Range of Liquid Colour Measurement Devices

Testronix, a leading manufacturer of liquid colour measurement instruments, provides the best solution in various forms that offers an excellent level of accuracies such as TP 110 precision colour measurement instrument, TP 310 portable colour measuring device, TP 810 spectrophotometer, TP 800 spectrophotometer and many more.

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