Testing the Color Consistency of Car Exteriors

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Cars are one of the most luxurious items we all dream of. For some it is a necessity, for others it’s a luxury, an element of show-off and an ego booster. More often than not, it’s a dream come true! The benefits it offers, the quality of drive and most of all the experience of owning a high-class, top of the line luxury car, is priceless! In today’s world, cars are the highest selling product offered by the automotive industry. They’re cool; they’re sought after and always in demand. In this blog post, we will explore how the colour matching cabinet can fulfil the most vital requirements of car manufacturers.

Cars are manufactured in multiple stages and it’s not at all important that the entire unit is manufactured at the same place. Let’s take an example of a car which is produced by a German car manufacturer. Its design is finalised by a German automobile specialist. They produce the exterior model or the base model.

After which they outsource the interiors from New York, the bumper from UK, the engine from Russia and so on. The entire car which is supposed to be Red in colour, is assembled at one place. Now it is very important to assure that all the exteriors have a uniform shade of red, which is supposed to be the colour of the final car design. It is not necessary that the colour seen with the naked eye is accurate. Sometimes, what may appear as red colour in Germany may seem to be orange in another location.

Therefore, it is important to ensure complete colour consistency of all parts of the car and this can be achieved with help of a colour matching cabinet or commonly called a CMC machine. A reliable instrument used to check colour consistency under distinct sources of light, the colour matching cabinet offers a standardized visual evaluation of colour. It is equipped with highly accurate technology and advanced features which can detect even slightest variations in colour and help you to make positive modifications to achieve precision and accuracy.

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