Testing of Site-Mixed Cement Color for Consistency

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Cement mixed up to make the concrete changes its appearance once it gets dry. The color can start fading off, the texture modifies, and it can change into powdery texture and looks patchy even. It doesn’t matter how they are mixed they can look different upon drying off. Therefore it is important to take help of a precision based color measurement program. In this blog post we will learn how building material color measurement tool can help in detecting the color consistency of cement solution.

Cement is rapidly getting famous for its various colored application. This opened gates to innovation and latest designs along with interesting appearance. However, it has been noticed that the cement color modifies to a large extent when it get dry. This becomes a huge challenge for cement manufacturers. The producers need to test the end shade of a particular mixture, unless that they have no option to guarantee the final look of cement. It has become a major thing of concern, as different cement color can generate a bad appearance and mismatches the designer’s perspective.

Portable spectrophotometers, can fix such problems by testing the dry cemented coating. As the cement post drying becomes absolutely solid and has a rigid surface, one doesn’t need to use any additional accessories but when test the cement paste, universal test components shall be used. The component is a part of the color measurement accessory. The component box carries the paste material and allow the device to test its color without having any direct contact.

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