Testing color consistency in Building Materials

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Building material manufacturers are more concerned on changing and innovating there appearance unlike many industries. As they built houses and building which are considered to be the identity of our brand. Huge leading food, restaurant or other commercial product manufacturer wants their selected pattern of colors to be the same anywhere in the world.

For instance, a particular brand uses the color theme of yellow and red anywhere you see them, even the restaurant building material, their windows, roof, stucco all are colored in the same color. Wherever we see them it is all the same. Now let us imagine a the same brand shop with the color theme not matching the same used in the logo. The majority chances are the customer will take it as fake and will not interest to go inside.

Therefore, it is important to have a precise speculation and quality inspection on the building material used. Spectrophotometers is considered to be the best test method which can detect the even slightest color deflection and help in maintaining the consistency. The detection system allow the user in improving the painting process and even in the selection of the right shade.

The testing device allow a 45/0 degree optical geometry. It is equipped with software based, touchscreen operation. Has a D65 and 18 other light sources. Can save up to 1000 test process data easily. Its physical structure and body is very much handy and is made based upon user comfort. Highly portable in nature and light weight tool.

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