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Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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What is CIE?

The CIE color difference formula was introduced to evaluate precisely the color differences that are observed when studied by the colorimeters and directed by the human eye. These differences are usually found due to the size of the product, shape, illumination and threshold of the human eye. These color formulae are not introduced only to build a color space but are proposed to examine the exact color also. CIE has added many color spaces such as CIE L*a*b*, CIE L*a*b*c*h*, etc. The formula is used to calculate the difference of lightness with L*, difference in the saturation through C*, the difference in the hue angle with h*by making use of various color coefficients.

What does all the CIE color space determine?

Consequently, the actual determination of color using the color space CIE L*a*b* color system, it helps the user to determine the saturation dependency, lightness dependency, and hue dependency. With the mentioned color space, color difference formula, the color difference assessment is signified by color difference ΔE*ab and index of chromaticity difference ΔE a*b* were a perfect square or a circle in the L*a*b* solid color space.  With the CIE color space, the effect on the hue angle is also considered. The formulas of color space cope up with the characteristics of color discrimination such as a change in the direction, or deviation from the direction of saturation.

CIE formulas used in Testronix’s Colorimeters for Color Determination

TP 20XE is the best color measuring device that has a measuring aperture of diameter 20mm and works on the basis of CIE color space CIE L*a*b*c*h*. It is the best device that helps to manage the color related issues. Testronix offers various models of colorimeters such as TP 20XE, TP 300 portable device, TP 60 CP and many more.  Out of the various available models, the amazing testing device TP 20XE helps to add vibrancy to the color of products at the time of production and contributes to establishing the brand identity in highly efficient manner.

Technical Specifications of TP 20 XE

  • LED Blue light is provided for the best source of illumination.
  • Photoelectric diode array type sensor of silicon is provided.
  • As suggested by the name, it has a large aperture of diameter 20mm.
  • Color Spaces on which the device work are CIEL*a*b*C*h, CIEXYZ, CIEL*a*b and many
  • D65 light box is also provided
  • Lamp life of the device is 5 years.
  • The color measurement difference is measured on the basis of following formulas: ?E*C*h, ?E*ab, ?L*a*b.

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