Spectrophotometers – To Measure Color Consistency of Plastics

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The manufacturers in plastic industries continuously face rejections during the production process due to the continuous problem of colors. Maintaining the color consistency throughout the production process is one of the best ways to control and reduce the possibility of losses and wastage. A product that does not pass the quality control points during the production process directly hampers their business in terms of quality and time. Integrating the high-quality color evaluation procedure in the process ensure the superior quality of the final product with the consistent appearance. There are various color measurement devices that are used in plastic industries to measure the colors of different types of plastics. The color consistency of the plastics can be measured easily using high-quality of spectrophotometers.


Portable Spectrophotometer – Best Color Solutions

portable spectrophotometer is widely used to measure the color value in numerical terms. Using high-quality spectrophotometers, pigments of the plastics can be compared accurately that passes the perception of the human eye. The color measurement procedure allows the manufacturers to compare the color consistency of two different products at the time of production, molding in order to eliminate the inconsistencies at early stages to eradicate the chances of defects. This helps to remove the changes of wastage and enhances the profits.

Right from the raw material to the final product, Testronix Instruments offers a wide range of high-quality devices, along with compatible software, relevant color spaces and lighting solutions that are used to formulate the colors and helps to meet the quality standards in the plastic industries. These testing solutions allow the users to evaluate, reproduce and control the color consistency, appearance, and other color related properties of the plastics such as transparency, translucency, and opaqueness by following a highly streamlined process throughout the supply chain. Additionally, to reduce the number of wastages and rejections, users can make use of spectrophotometers by utilizing the time and money for high-end results.


How to use portable spectrophotometers for quality control?

Manufacturers of plastic industries all across the globe, make use of high quality of spectrophotometers to measure the quality of the products, reflectance and transmittance properties, haze and yellowness. The testing instrument offers the color measurement value to the users in numerical form on the digital display of the device.

The color of plastic instruments that can be measured using high-quality of spectrophotometers includes  bottles, machine parts, lenses, cellophane sheets, packaging materials, pellets, plastic films, resins or plastic granules, and many more.

More about Spectrophotometers

Spectrophotometers are the testing devices that are used for the molded or extruded plastic products. The testing device helps the manufacturers to estimate the actual color of the products during the manufacturing and development of the product to ensure the color consistency of all the finished products.

These devices read the color under specific light and store the correct code color in the memory. In case, there is any change found in color at the time of production; the original color can be fetched and applied for correct production of the products.

Moreover, the device is completely compatible with the provided software that ensures to the see the results of the test in graphical format on a computer display and can create the details online easily. It is an interesting fact that when we need to obtain color date that is offered by the standardized color consortium and has set the guidelines for the production process according to the required color.

Benefits of Color Measurement Devices

The availability of highly advanced resources and color measurement solutions helps the manufacturers in plastic industries to measure the consistency in colors of different products efficiently and accurately. Testronix Instrument offers a wide range of high-quality color measurement instruments that can be used in different industries to ensure the premium color quality of the products and to grab the attention of the consumers easily such as portable spectrophotometer TP 800, TP 310 colorimeter, Color matching cabinets, gloss meters and much more.


Key features of TP 810 Spectrophotometer


  • Offers d/8 diffused light observation system from 8o viewing angle which strictly complies with standards GB/T 3978, CIE No.15.
  • Designed with the aperture of size 8mm.
  • Diameter of Integrated Sphere is 58 mm.
  • Wavelength range is 400 – 700 nanometers
  • Wavelength pitch is 10 nm.
  • Provided with LED light source and silicon photodiode array sensor.
  • Reflectance range is 0-200%.

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