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Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Testronix Instruments permits industrial buyers to select best colorimeters in terms of configuration, features, type, specifications and many more.  Testronix, being a world class manufacturer of color measurement devices offers a wide gamut of devices such as colorimeters, spectrophotometers, color matching cabinets and many more.

  • Colorimeters

Colorimeters are the best measurement devices that comprise of three to four filters that help to measure the colors as the human eye does. The device uses a light source that helps to inspect actual color of the specimen. The light that passes through the object passes to three primary color space curve i.e. red, blue and green that helps to simulate the standard observer functions for a particular illuminant. These measurement devices actually determine that how much percent of the colored light is absorbed and how much is reflected by the sample. These testing machines work on the color formula L*a*b but it can be measured under one source of light

Purpose of Colorimeters –

Colorimeters are used to measure the brightness of the sample, color contrast using the best color management systems. This device is widely used in printing industries, dermatological application, medical laboratories for research and can easily measure the optical properties of precious stones also.

List of Colorimeters offered by Testronix

Testronix offers a wide array of colorimeters such as TP 110 precision color measurement instruments, TP 310 portable color measuring device, TP 60 CP, TP 20 XE and many more.

  • Spectrophotometers

Portable Spectrophotometers work on the principle of reflectance of light. It helps to measure each and every wavelength individually and then measure the L*a*b* value from the gathered information. The primary component of spectrophotometers on which it works is illumination source, photodiode detector, digital readout, and interference filters. White light is used as the best source of illumination as it contains all the colors of the spectrum. The object which needs to be measured is placed in front of the testing device, and white light is provided to the object for clear and accurate measurement.

Purpose of Spectrophotometers

Spectrophotometers are used in different production verticals such as textile, ink, chemicals and biological research labs, and many more to measure the colors more appropriately. These devices are used to measure the colors of solids, liquids and powders easily.

The range of spectrophotometers that Testonix offers includes TP 800 spectrophotometers, TP 810 spectrophotometer, etc.

  • Color Matching Cabinets

Color matching cabinets are used to measure the color of the sample with the master for producing the same color of lots easily. These cabinets help to eradicate the problem of metamerism. Testronix offers three types of color matching cabinets i.e. as per the light spectrum of Asia, Euro, and USA.

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