Role of Colours in Packaging Materials

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Manufacturers use colours very wisely to impact the buying decision of the customer. In fact, the packings are also made in such a way that they match the customers’ expectation and convey a powerful message. But, too much of everything leaves a negative impact. So, it is very important that every colour that is being used should have a balanced approach. Colour measurement instruments like portable spectrophotometer are widely used by packagers to standardize the materials as per the manufacturer’s requirements.

In this post, we are going to shed some light on the different coloured packaging and their impact on consumer psychology.

Black Coloured Packings

Black represents assertiveness and power. Be it corrugated packings or primary packings, black is used to describe the power of the product. Take the example of health supplements and energy drinks, they usually have black packings to ignite a sense of power and accomplishment in the consumer. Any other colour might not make a good impact for a product like health supplements. Black packings don’t have to say anything, their colour is saying it all.

White Coloured Packings

Anything that describes positivity and composed attitude is packed in white. White also describes trust. So, every time a manufacturer wants to build a trust among consumers, white is chosen as the preferred colour. White packing is easy to achieve and has a large scope of information dissemination. White packings are preferred by many manufacturers because they are easy to design, approachable, attractive and easy to replicate.

Green Coloured Packings

Green represents natural and eco-friendly. Either the product is made up of natural ingredients or the packing is eco-friendly. Apart from this, green represents luxury and harmony. So, when a manufacturer tries to communicate about any of these through its packing. Also, the green colour is soothing for eyes under different lighting conditions. Products made for elderly and kids often have green packings, be it primary or secondary.

Red Packaging

Psychologists say that red represents hunger and may generate conditional stimulus in many cases. This is why many food brands use red primary packings and so as their secondary packings. The red colour is very complicated to replicate. Red has many tones to get that exact tone and glossy effect. Thus, colour quantification is very important.

With the wide range of colours used in packings, corrugated box manufacturers or primary packing manufacturers struggle while replicating a brand’s requirement on the packing. Use of smart portable spectrophotometers and other colour measurement instruments help a lot in fulfilling the colour quantification requirements.

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