Precision Measuring Instrument - Digital Micrometer

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Micrometers are generally the most precise measuring instrument. It has a wide application to be used in various industries.  The measurement consideration by the testing instruments is accurate down to a tenth or 0.0001. It is as accurate as the computer numerical control measures the specialized projects. This Handy measurement tool is used to determine the thickness of metal sheets.

Testronix Instruments is India’s most trusted company for providing the best testing instruments at reasonable rates. The testing instruments are innovative, precisely designed, and have a user-friendly operating system. You will get a complete range of testing instruments that are used in manufacturing units, research & development labs, etc. The company supports the calibration services, repairs, and operational services at the PAN India level.

Working Principle of Micrometer

The Micrometer follows Abbe’s Principle to provide accurate measurement reading. Testronix presents the best testing equipment that has a rotary sensor that is equipped with high precision screw machining technology.

Choose Testronix Instruments For Best Testing Experience

Testronix Instruments strives to meet the customer’s need for the testing instrument. Being a reliable name in the market, the company provides globally certified testing machines that are highly appreciated and trusted for their quality results. Choose Testronix for

  • Globally Accredited Testing Tools that are best in quality
  • Quick Delivery Assistance at PAN India Level
  • Reasonable pricing that is the best in the market.
  • Precisely designed testing machine with a user-friendly operating system.

You can avail of the best offers through ethical business deals and quality assured testing machines. For more information about a digital micrometer, you can contact our experts at +91 9313 140140 or request a quotation through email at

Note: Although this testing machine is handy, yet carrying it in the pocket is not recommendable as it can affect the reading system because of the body temperature. As the temperature may change the micrometer reading, it is necessary to maintain a proper temperature while measuring the sample at the unit.

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