Peel & Analyse the Material’s Peel Resistance with the Peel Tester

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The usage of materials for packaging is extremely crucial after the manufacturing of a product as these packages carry vital information as labels, marketing stunts as graphics, brand logos, brand motto, etc. All this information is vital to be served to the end consumer in order to form a bond with the product.

However, in the efforts to attain maximum consumer satisfaction, there are numerous times when manufacturers bond or adhesively attach layers as packaging to make it more visually appealing and attract consumers. Since the packaging of a material is the cover and the products are judged accordingly, it becomes vital for manufacturers to ensure that all the labels, adhesively attached visuals, bonded & sealed packaging, or materials with packaging are firm and will not unpeel due to long run to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

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Testronix has designed a lab testing instrument to aid manufacturers by assisting them with advanced features in evaluating the bond, seal, adhesion & peel strength of a material called the peel tester. The instrument is designed with high-end engineering standards to attain maximum accuracy and deliverance of results within a flash due to the rising demand and supply within the industries in which the machine is operated. The peel tester is widely used in industries like textile, flexible packaging, printing, adhesive manufacturing, etc.

The Peel strength tester is a very well-celebrated lab testing instrument in the packaging & textile industry due to the rising demand for visually appealing products as well as dual-layered clothing with the elevation in the fashion of consumers. To enhance the peel ability of two materials that are bonded, or sealed together manufacturers undertake this ergonomically designed lab testing instrument and achieve high levels of accuracy in attaining the results of the same.

Operating Procedure of the Peel Tester

The conduction of the peel strength test becomes absolutely facile with the inclusion of an ergonomic working structure, allowing the operator to easily condition the specimen and perform the test without any hassle.

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The conditioning of the specimen that is going to be tested begins with the dipping of the sample in the toluene chemical which separates the two attached ends of the sample, allowing the operator to grip them accordingly into the grippers of the instrument.

After the specimen is conditioned properly, the operator can simply adjust the separated end between the grippers and firmly clamp both of them to ensure that they do not move during the course of testing.

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Once the specimen is firmly clamped, the operator can initiate the exertion of the peel strength on the sample from the movement of the grippers in the opposite direction to each other & in a linear motion. The movement exerts the peel strength on the sample which forces the two ends of the sample to peel from the original surface.

The control panel of the lab testing equipment is offered with a microprocessor-based digital display that determines the maximum peel strength or the peak value of the specimen that it can withstand before peeling completely.

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The operator can easily keep track of the obtained peel strength test results as indicated by the microprocessor-based digital display with the help of an advanced feature of a memory hold button that stores the data of 9 previous test results, assisting the operator or the manufacturer to lay out an analysis between the previously attained and currently obtained test results.

There are certain other ways to conduct the peel test but the peel tester has emerged as the finest due to its ergonomic build and structure. The instrument is equipped with different testing mechanisms i.e.

The operator can carry out the test in both horizontal (180 degrees angle) & vertical (90 degrees angle) assembly for precise testing of the results. 

peel testing machine

The peel testing machine enhances the testing standards with so much ease due to the incorporation of high-end and advanced features that are necessary for achieving high levels of accuracy, attaining quick test results, and eradicating the hassles of testing.

Top-Quality Features Incorporated in the Peel Tester

The peel tester is equipped with high-quality features to aid the operator in conducting a hassle-free peel strength test on the instrument with various materials to the utmost precision.

The peel tester is offered with feather touch controls at the control panel which accommodates hassle-free testing and also allows the operator to achieve high levels of accuracy due to the inculcation of the microprocessor-based digital display that determines test results.

The peel strength tester is also equipped with a robust build that has attracted manufacturers from all across industries as the top-quality construction ensures rustproofing & anti-corrosive properties which are necessary for the longevity as well as durability of the lab testing equipment.

The peel testing machine is also equipped with textured grippers that allow the operator to exert the peel strength on the specimen without any issues because the textured surfaces of grippers firmly clamp the specimen and do not allow it to move when the testing is underway.

The instrument is also offered with a sample conditioner called toluene chemical. The chemical is responsible for the separation of the bonded surfaces of the sample and thus allowing the operator to conduct the test with pinpoint accuracy due to perfect positioning & adjustment of the specimen between the grippers.

The ability of the instrument to conduct the test into two variable angles i.e. horizontal & vertical assembly of the sample enables the operator to ensure maximum precision during the course of testing.

Get Your Hands on the Testronix-designed Peel Tester

To attain high levels of accuracy while measuring the peel strength of materials that cater to various industries, it is key to get your hands on the peel tester. To seek more information regarding the specifications of the instrument, you can visit the concerned website.

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