Modern Way to Evaluate Colors – TP 300 Color Checker

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Testronix’s TP 300 is one of the best color checkers which is designed by the highly skilled team of Professionals. The instrument is used in a significant number of industries to measure the color consistencies of a vast number of products such as plastics, papers, automotive, cosmetics, food and beverages, paints and many more. The instrument comprises of multiple color sensors that fulfill the color measuring requirements of international markets as well. It consists of an integrated circuit platform that ensures best color management with highly accurate test results.

Key Features of TP 300

The amazing and portable color checker – TP 300 is designed with a photoelectric diode sensor which is fabricated using silicone material. The diameter of the measuring aperture of the instrument is 8mm that provides clear images. It offers D65 light that helps to provide the best illumination to the sample and offers highly accurate test results. Moreover lighting device which is set inside the instrument for illumination is blue LED light.

Technical Specification – TP 300

The instrument offers numerous color spaces to calculate the colors using different algorithms such as CIEL*a*b*C*h* CIEL*a*b*.  The lighting device used in the device is LED light that has blue light excitation. The lamp life of the tool is five years which ensure that 1.6 million measurements are possible. The device can be operated easily in the temperature -100C to 40? with 0 to 85% humidity. The data interface port provided on the instrument ensures that the data can be transferred quickly.

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