Inspect The Quality And Gloss Of Colors In Automotive Manufacturing

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Benefits of Color Measurement in Automotive Industries

Cars are manufactured by following best specifications and undergo a rigorous inspection to hold the key features and functions of each vehicle to confirm the design, color quality, and performance of the product. The quality of the car is the result of reliable quality parts that are evaluated consistently on the production floor.

Various Colour Checkers by Testronix

Testronix’s color measuring and sensing devices play a significant role in ensuring the safety aspects and appearance of the vehicle quality. The range of Testronix’s color measuring instruments includes color Analyzers, colorimeters, and spectrophotometers, color checkers, and many more that are used widely in numerous automotive companies to ensure the color quality and to match the color of the vehicles to meet the standards easily. Out of the available list of the device, the best color measuring instrument is TP 60 CP.

What Type of Color Testing is performed in Automotive Manufacturing?

The testing for color quality and lightening of vehicles in automotive industries includes:

  • Inspecting and measuring the color of the license
  • Clarity and transmittance level of the windshield.
  • Brightness and beam spread of Car Headlights.
  • Maintaining the color harmony of seat belts, dashboards, car seats, steering, tires, wheel, wheel alloys, trims, etc.
  • Adjusting the brightness, i.e. the balance between the black and white of car navigation system, cameras, switches, display,
  • Quality of Mirror image,
  • Metallic coating of flip flops and color travel of the same.

Modern Colour Checker – TP 60 CP

  • The product offers the illuminating geometry of 80/d.
  • It provides LED light source for illumination purpose.
  • It comprises of silicone photodiode array sensor.
  • The two measuring apertures that the device offers for color measurement are a flat aperture with 8mm diameter & a tip aperture with the diameter 4mm.
  • The color space on which the instrument works includes CI E L AB, XYZ, LCh, CI E RGB, CI E LUV

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