Ink Abrasion Rub Tester and Its Benefits in the Packaging Industry

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Labels are critical for all items, especially safety and electrical equipment. Because of the important information printed on the labels, it is crucial that they should be sturdy and long-lasting. All labels are routinely subjected to an ink rub test to verify that whether they will withstand the test of time or not. Thus, we at Testronix Testing Instruments have come up with one of the amazing testing equipment called Ink abrasion Rub Tester that is useful in determining the resistance against scuffing and rubbing. Here in this blog, we will discuss how this lab testing instrument plays a major role in the packaging industry. So, let us get started!

Introduction about ink abrasion rub tester

Rub resistance describes a printed material's ability to withstand marking, scuffing, or smear during handling, packing, transit, distribution, and use. In order to ensure that standardized products should be delivered to the customers, it is important for you to test the rub resistance of printed labels so as to assure the right materials will be delivered to your customers.

This lab testing equipment is used to evaluate the label's life by simulating the real application environment and measuring the abrasion resistance of the printed material's surface coating layer. It mimics the product's real-world working environment and decides the quality and printing method to be utilized for label printing depending on the product's application and operating environment.

This Ink abrasion tester with a sensor will also be used in several industries to measure the ink abrasion strength of products. Below we have listed the applications of this lab testing instrument.

Applications of ink abrasion rub tester

The Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester was created to determine how resistant the printed ink is in regards to rubbing and scuffing. This lab testing instrument may be used to test the qualities of printed materials under a variety of environmental circumstances. The printed materials are harmed by certain physical conditions. An abrasion tester is used to test this printing technology's ability to withstand diverse environments.

This equipment is relevant to:

  • Printing/processing houses.
  • Heavy End-Users of printed paper, cartons, etc.
  • Ink Manufacturers
  • Research Institutions.
  • Packaging Development centers

Thus, you can use this lab testing instrument in several areas so as to deliver accurate products to your customers. Below we have listed the features and technical specifications of this lab testing equipment.

Features of ink abrasion tester

Whenever you are going to test the abrasion strength of materials, then it is important for you to take care of several factors like selection of the right testing machine, choice of abrasion motion, the direction of abrasion, & the backing of the sample. Testronix is a leading ink abrasion tester manufacturer that will provide you with standardized testing equipment that will help you to conduct the test with ease.

Below we have listed the features you will get with this lab testing instrument.

  • Stainless steel powder-coated rugged structure
  • Dual Test load operation
  • Gear motor for easy arm rotation
  • Accurate data and results
  • Dimensions- 300x 470 x 428mm

Technical Specifications of ink abrasion tester

This test will be used to test the bonding of the surface with ink. Below we have listed the technical specifications of this lab testing equipment.

  • Equipped with sensor
  • Digital screen with9999 digits
  • Rub speed – 43cycle/min
  • Accuracy – 2 cycle/min
  • Rub mode feature
  • Rub pressure – 2lbs and 4 lbs
  • Power – 220V AC, 50H

With these features and technical specifications, you will be able to test the smudging during transportation and warehousing of packaging materials. Now, let us discuss the benefits you will get with the Testronix ink abrasion tester.  

Benefits you will get with the use of Testronix ink abrasion tester

An ink rub test is a quality test that involves rubbing the label against an abrasive. It may be rubbed several hundred times before being examined for the readability of the information on the label. There are various benefits you will get with the use of this lab testing instrument.

  • Increase product safety

One advantage of ink rub testing is that it improves product safety. Labels include critical product safety information. Labels on machinery provide information such as the electrical rating (necessary voltage and amperage), cautions, the model number, and even basic operating instructions. These must be visible for the duration of the machine's life cycle, otherwise, major safety issues may occur. Thus, by testing the label abrasion resistance, you can easily increase your product safety.

  • In compliance with standards

Whenever you create any product then you need to design it in accordance with industrial standards. Thus, checking the ink abrasion is one of the important factors that need to be determined while delivering your products to your customers. With a Testronix ink abrasion tester, you will be able to deliver a quality product to your customers. This will also help you assess the durability of products.

  • Enhanced product value

Another benefit you will get with the use of this lab testing instrument is that you will get the enhanced value of your product. A quality label print will help you to ensure that you are delivering the right product to your customers.

These are the ink abrasion tester benefits you will get with the help of this lab testing equipment. You can get more information about ink abrasion tester price, working or other related information, give us a call at +91 9313140140 or email us at Our team of technical experts will help you to solve all your queries.

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