Importance Of Colors Accuracy In Cosmetics Industry

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Colors are something that enables the artists to turn a black canvas into a modern art masterpiece. As all the people in this world do not have the artistic skills, still we all paint our own canvas of dreams every morning. The color tone of the human beings changes from pale to skin-tan when they come to the natural daytime glow, and it significantly changes to sparkly dramatic look when people come out at night by making use of the endless cosmetics. The theory of color with reference to lighting is also found in makeups. In cosmetic industries, we are concerned with four parts of the color theory. Pigments of colors are present in all forms of makeup to create the desired color. A typical representation of color is also found which explains the value, chroma, and hue of the colors. The hue describes the actual color code of assigned to the specific sample.  The chroma represents the intensity of the color and the value that determines the darkness or lightness of the color.

Color reflectiveness is found in every form of cosmetic whether it is the foundation or the lipstick. The reflectance property of cosmetics explains the matte finish, glossy touch, metallic feel, translucency of color shade, transparency, and its opaqueness. So, the next time you open the cosmetic pallet for any occasion, impress the friends by explaining that you have chosen color harmonies that compliment your outfit with dark value, intense chroma and metallic color reflectiveness.

The colors of cosmetics can be measured with the help of highly effective TP 810 spectrophotometer. The instrument is best enough to calculate the lightness, hue and chroma of a particular color shade.

Technical Expertise of Testronix’s TP 810 Spectrophotometer

  • It comprises of an integrated sphere of dia. 58 mm.
  • Reflectance range of the device is 0-200%
  • Equipped with silicon photodiode array type sensor.
  • Color Spaces on which the device measure the colors are CIE L*a*b*c*h*, CIE L*a*b*, and many more.

Testronix offers a highly efficient range of colour checkers that offers a broad variety of Testronix Color Measurement Instruments such as TP 300, TP 810 spectrophotometer, etc. For more information on colour checker TP 810, visit:

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