Impact of Metamerism on Production Process

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Metamerism is one of the major factors that contribute in creating colour discrepancies in the production process. It is a natural phenomenon of difference in the appearance of the colour of a material in different lighting conditions.

Be it any industry, it is a major reason for concern. In a production house, due to the difference in lighting conditions of the material supplier, production line, packaging line, etc. there appears colour difference.

Take the example of automotive industry, every part is manufactured in different plants. When they are assembled together, any slightest of colour difference would lead to rejection. Therefore, matching of the master with the sample under ideal lighting condition is very important.

 Types of Metamerism  

  • Illuminant Metamerismoccurs due to the difference in lighting conditions. It is experienced by the same observer when the lighting conditions change.
  • Observer Metamerism is experienced by different observers when the lighting conditions remain unchanged. This usually happens due to the difference in lighting conditions.
  • Geometric Metamerism is experienced when the colour of an object appears differently due to its placement. Shadow is a very common reason for this. Therefore, an object that is to be observed should be kept at an angle of 45°.

How to Reduce the Effect of Metamerism?

There is more than one factor contributing in Metamerism and to curb them all, it becomes important to take the assistance of colour testing instrument. Using a standardised instrument would help in negating all the factors and delivery consistently coloured objects. Colour Matching Cabinet is equipped with different illuminants to make sure that the sample matches with the master in every lighting conditions.

Features of Colour Matching Cabinet

  • Standardized and controlled lightening conditions.
  • Wide Viewing Area
  • High-Quality Light sources used
  • Fitted with Electronic Choke for Instant Illumination.
  • Easy to manage; fitted with individual switches for each light source.
  • Imported Hour totalizer incorporated.

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