How to Prevent Leakage in Bottles with a Secure Seal Tester?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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PET bottles are one of the best types of packaging for beverages. They are the lifeblood of the bottle industry. Bottles are a necessity for many industries, and there has been an increased demand for them in the last few years. Almost every industry needs to package their products in bottles: food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and chemical suppliers. The PET bottle industry has been dealing with the problem of leakage for years. It is a difficult issue to solve because it can occur in any part of the manufacturing process. The introduction of new testing instruments like secure seal testers has helped to reduce this problem by preventing leakage during production and transportation. Testronix is the leading manufacturer of this testing instrument. You can make use of this testing instrument designed by the experts at Testronix so that bottles don't leak or break while shipping or storage. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the most common causes of leakage in PET bottles and how you can reduce these problems with the help of a Testronix secure seal tester.

Common causes of leakage in PET bottles

A leaky bottle can be a major problem because it not only diminishes product quality but also creates an unnecessary waste of the product inside it. The manufacturing of PET bottles is a complex process. A number of factors can cause leakage in PET bottles, some that are unavoidable and others that have the potential to be avoided. If you have been experiencing leaks from your PET bottles or are just curious about how to prevent them in the future, read on!

  • Improper injection molding:

Many PET bottles are created with a thin layer of polymer on the inside of the bottle to seal in liquids. This thin layer is called "injection molding." When this injection molding becomes worn or damaged, liquid can leak through and ruin products. The most common cause for leakage in PET bottles is improper injection molding, which can be caused by various factors including poor quality control during production. One way manufacturers can identify if their product has been affected by improper injection molding is to check for bubbles in the plastic when they are filling it up with liquid. If there are any large bubbles present, then that's an indication that there could be problems with the fluid sealing agent that was used during production.

  • Incorrect sealing:

The most common cause of leakage in PET bottles is incorrect sealing of bottle caps. Bottlecap accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and for any reason. The sealant that forms the airtight seal on the bottle cap needs to be completely dry before you screw it onto the threaded neck of the bottle. If there's water or other contaminants between your hand and the sealant, it will disrupt how tightly it sticks to itself and create a leaky seam. This type of error is easily fixed with a little bit more attention during the installation process. You can easily test the PET bottle's seal with Testronix secure seal tester. This is one of the best testing instruments that will help you to test whether the bottle cap seal is secure or not.

  • Contamination during the production cycle:

In order to prevent leakage in PET bottles, it is important that the production process is carefully controlled and monitored. This includes using a vacuum system for degassing, cleaning with a high-purity water rinse after each cycle of production, and carefully controlling the temperature during filling. Contamination during the production process can lead to leaks in PET bottles which will have an adverse effect on your bottom line. The best way to avoid this problem is by implementing the right procedures from start to finish when producing your product.

These are the top causes of bottle leakage and you can easily prevent them by ensuring that your bottles are properly tested. You can easily make use of our testing instruments that are designed to improve the quality of your PET bottles. If you’ve had any of these problems with your product packaging it is important to get them fixed as soon as possible so that customers aren't getting upset or frustrated when they go to use your product. To know more about our different range of bottle testing instruments, give us a call at +919313140140 or email us at Our technical experts will guide you well regarding your bottle testing needs.

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