How To Measure Color Using Colorimeter?

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What is the Colorimetric Measurement?

Analysis of the colors of different materials and products is one of the major parts of the quality assurance process in industries. The color of the materials is one of the major constituents of the quality of a product. The manufacturers need to analyze the color quality of the products and materials they use for the manufacturing of the products. One of the most commonly use processes used in the industries and laboratories for the color quality analysis of the products is colorimetric measurement. The process uses a spectrum of a visible light range of the electromagnetic spectrum for analysis of the quality color analysis. The best thing about colorimetric is that it accurately analysis the colors of materials and then depicts it in a way that it symbolizes the human perception of the colors and light. This is why it is the most commonly used method to evaluate the quality of the consumer products with great accuracy.

When it comes to the instruments that are used for performing the process of colorimetric measurements then, there are many instruments that are widely used in the industries and laboratories such as Tristimulus colorimetersspectrocolorimeters, and color temperature meters.


When the color of a sample is analyzed, then it is placed in a cuvette located between the illuminator and the receptor. When the light passes through the sample and transmitted to the receptor then, the receptor analyzes the amount of the light that has been absorbed and how much light has been transmitted. The colorimeters also detect the wavelength of the light that has been absorbed or transmitted by the sample which gives an accurate analysis of the color quality and intensity.

The colorimeters mainly work on the principle that every color has a specific wavelength and every color transmits or reflects the wavelengths of the light that are corresponding to its color. The modern day colorimeters are equipped with highly advanced sensors that ensure that the products are analyzed in the most accurate way for their color quality.

The only limitation of the colorimetric processes is that they cannot be used for performing the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the samples. Additionally, they are also not capable of performing the structural analysis of the compounds.

Testronix Range of Colorimeters

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