How to Create Consistent Brand Image on Different Platforms

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Colours leave a very deep impact on our psychology. And brand managers are using it very well. Yes, I am talking about brands that are using colours very smartly. Their logos and themes are very well distinguished from struggling brands. Even kids are now able to recognise different companies from their logos. This is indeed a very good approach to make a mark. But tricky part comes when it is about achieving colour consistency across different channels.

Scientifically, three models of colour are defined;

  • Digital – Colour displayed by light
  • Print – Colour displayed by ink
  • Perceptual – Colour perceived by human eye

And, being a good colour manager, you need to replicate the colour uniformly in all three models. This is when colour measurement instruments brought into use.

Achieving colour consistency on different platforms

Thanks to some effective colour measurement instruments, achieving colour uniformity is no more a difficult task. Due to difference in surface textures, colour starts to appear differently. Take example of printing on cartons. Due to strong background colour, the actual colour of the logo sometimes get changed. So, colour managers decided to get a complete background print before getting their label on it. This considerably increases the cost of the carton and makes it unrealistic practice on large cartons that are used for heavy items.

Colour measurement instruments is used proficiently to reproduce the brand image perfectly. They help in recreating the brand identity on every medium. The best part about using these instruments is that they quantify colour. So no more relying on visual observations. You have numbers with which colours can be identified and recreated. Those who have studied colour can easily prepare a perfect colour recipe from obtained components ?E, L, a, b. The results obtained from colour checkers are highly reliable. These are smart devices and use microprocessors for delivering accurate readings.

The biggest thing with which colour managers are dealing with is making theme appear same on every platform. Be it flex banner, newspaper advertisement, glossy magazine ad or extra-large hoardings. Colour measurement instruments from Testronix recreates the magic of brands very easily. However, there is always some scope of tolerance. So a colour manager can set the tolerance level. The smartly design aperture blocks any light interference from the surroundings and gives precise observations. Other devices like colorimeter, gloss meter are equally popular.

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