How Surface Texture Varies the Color Measurement Results?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Color measurement is a complicated process and surface texture is an important parameter to consider. Spectrophotometers are widely used in different industries to measure the colour of the different type of materials. However, on smooth surfaces, it is easy to measure the colour. Complication appears when the surface has some texture. As a colour professional, it becomes the responsibility of the observer to deliver accurate test results, irrespective of the nature of the sample. Usage of smart color measurement instruments helps in generating accurate test records. For uneven textures, it is always advised to rotate the sample at various angles and orientations. The average of repeated test results can be taken to get the best results. Color measurement is a real challenge. There are so many factors that contribute to varying the observations than actual values. Even devices like spectrophotometers and colorimeter record inaccurate values if appropriate conditions are not created during the measurement process.

Surface finish is another important factor that contributes hugely in making wrong observations. Uneven surfaces allow the lights from surrounding to interface with the incident light of the measuring device. Accurate sample placement can curb this problem to a great extent. Colour managers first need to understand the conditions that are required to have perfect observations. It is often advised to have repeated measurements with different angles and positions of the sample.

The second thing which it may impact your observation is the size of the aperture. Having a small aperture may result in interference of lights from the surroundings during the observation. The geometry of aperture is very important. It should rest appropriately on the surface so that light should not enter or clash with the incident light. Having an inappropriate geometry will inaccurate observations.

Choosing the right instrument is very important. There is often big confusion whether to choose colorimeter or spectrophotometer. Depending upon the nature of your samples, the instrument is chosen. Portable Spectrophotometers are perfect for measuring wider part of the spectrum. On the other hand, a colorimeter is used for RGB. So, a manufacturer has to understand the application and choose the device wisely.

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