How Does Color Help To Choose Products?

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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If anyone closes his eyes and images the picture of his favorite room color, car, outfit, they will definitely get the best image of objects in specific colors. The action of recalling these objects triggers because of their unique color. The relationship between the activities of the brain in accordance with the colors is a well-established principle that has been studied for decades. The information of the color influences the memory retention capacity and helps to expand knowledge of colors. With the highly sensitive brain imaging technology, neurologists have concluded the criteria to redefine the brain using different responses of colors. Also in the MRI neuroscience, doctors and scientists have to pinpoint the particular region of the brain that instantly react while reading the colors. These also enlighten other motions of the body. Hence, it is proved that effect of colors keenly affects the human brains.

Colors play an important role to gather relevant information to survive in our natural environment. These colors assist the customers to retain information and help to choose the best from a big lot.  As there is a huge requirement of colors in every production vertical, it is necessary to measure the actual shade of the product to retain the same color quality throughout the manufacturing process. The best way to gauge the color of the products is to make use of color measurement instruments.

Technical Expertise of TP 20XE

Testronix Instruments offers  a highly efficient and accurate color measurement device i.e. TP 20 XE. The device helps to measure the actual color of the products using colorimeters. The large aperture instrument has the measuring aperture diameter of 20mm. The illumination and viewing geometry of the device is 45o / 0o.The device works on following color measurement formulas to ascertain the color of the products: ?E*ab, ?L*a*b, ?E*C*h. The instrument offers the sample under D65 daylight. The device provides two sources of illumination for sample color inspection i.e. cross location and illumination location.

Benefits of TP 20 XE

The instrument is provided with USB port that helps to connect the device with computer system and to take the data for future reference. It has lithium-ion rechargeable battery of 3.7Volt, 3200 mAh. The lamp life of the instrument is maximum 5 years. Miniature thermal printer is also provided with the instrument as optional accessory that helps to take out the prints of the sample results.

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