How can spectrophotometer be used for analytical study in different scientific fields?

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The spectrophotometer is a widely used testing instrument that is used in the analytical chemistry for different testing procedures. The instrument is designed to work on the transmittance and absorbance of different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. The instrument basically treats light as a function of wavelengths.  The spectrophotometer is a color measurement device that uses a photometer that measures the intensity of the light beam that has been passed through a solution with different constituents. The main feature of a spectrophotometer is the bandwidth of the wavelengths in which the instrument can work or the range of wavelengths that it can transmit through a solution.

The instruments I designed in such a way that it can measure the percent transmittance and absorbance of the solution easily and also can analyze the components of a given solution. It is not only used for the measuring the transmittance of the solutions but is also used for transparent or opaque solid materials as well. When used with different color controls and calibrations, the instrument can also be used for measuring the diffusivity of the samples that usually falls under the range of 200nm to 2500nm. One of the most prominent examples of the use of spectrophotometer is to determine the equilibrium stage of a solution. The most prominent field of science where the spectrophotometers are used include Material science, physical chemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology, and chemistry.

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