Get Liquid Color Measurement Easily With TP 20 XE

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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When we are talking about color measuring, it has a vast scope in many different fields. The industries have to measure the colors of different materials and products. For this, they need an efficient color measuring instrument could provide reliable and efficient testing of colors. The TP 20 XE is one such color measuring instrument that is widely used for liquid Color measurement. The instrument is best for measuring the colors of liquids as it has an extended aperture provided with it, which helps in efficient and accurate color measurement of liquid samples.

Objective of Using TP 20 XE Color Measuring Device

When the measurement of colors is tested, it is essential to place the complete instrument into the sample to get the best measurement but in the case of a liquid sample, the instrument cannot be placed in the sample for analysis as it can damage the instrument. With TP 20 XE, there is an extended aperture provided which is placed in the liquid sample and without keeping the instrument nearby the sample. In this way, the users can easily take the color measurement of the sample without any problem caused by the instrument.

Applications of TP 20 XE

The instrument is best for use in different industries, where liquid color measurement is needed such as food industries, chemical manufacturing industries, paint industry, textiles and many others. The instrument is safe for use with liquids and is best for ensuring the best quality of color incorporated into the products.

Technical highlights of Testronix TP 20 XE

The instrument is highly advanced color measuring instrument equipped with silicon photodiode array sensor. The measuring aperture of the instrument has a diameter of 20 mm. There are dual locating offered by the instruments that are cross-locating and illumination locating.

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