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Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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In cosmetic manufacturing industries, choosing the right color is a significant task as it is one of the fundamental factors that influences the customers and to retain the existing one. The prominence of achieving accurate and color consistently is the need for cosmetic manufacturers to evaluate and measure colors. Evaluating the color of cosmetics can be done either visually or using color measuring instruments. Measuring colors visually is a subjective calculation, and the color ideas vary between the customers due to some factors such as sample size, lighting conditions, background colors and other surrounded colors. The color measuring instruments, on the other hand, provides an objective and consistent evaluation of color smoothly.

Measuring Instruments for Different Form of Cosmetics

Cosmetics whether in the form of powder, liquid or paste requires repeated measurements to achieve accurate color data. For example, Perfumes and deodorants are transparent in nature for which transmittance mode of measurement is used whereas lipsticks that are opaque in nature requires reflectance mode of analysis. 

TP 300 Color Measuring Instruments

TP 300 is capable enough in calculating the colors of cosmetics; the instrument offers highly accurate test results. The device is designed with multi-channel color sensors and highly stable integrated circuit platform that works on fast and correct color algorithms to provide best measurement techniques for different applications.

Technical Expertise of Presto’s TP 300

  • The illuminating geometry on which the device works is 8/d.
  • It zoom the images to high extend and offers clear and accurate images as it is equipped with the measuring aperture of diameter 8mm.
  • The color space detected by the device is CIEL*a*b*C*h* CIEL*a*b*
  • D65 Artificial daylight is used for the purpose of illumination.
  • The color difference measurement formulae used in the device are ?E*ab ?L*a*b ?E*C*h.

Key Features of TP 300

  • TP 300 color measuring device is equipped with silicone photoelectric diode sensor.
  • LED light with blue excitation is used for illumination purpose.
  • The instrument can store the test results of 20000 samples.
  • The lamp life of the device is total five years which ensures that 1.6 million measurements are possible to perform with the amazing device.
  • The USB data interface provided as an Add-on feature with the device which helps to transfer the data from the device to the system

Portable Devices from Testronix are amazing color checking instruments that are capable of performing reflectance as well as transmittance measurements. For more information on cosmetics color measuring devices, contact us for a free consultation.

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