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    Ensuring your products are corrosion free and rust proof

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    Ensuring your products are corrosion free and rust proof

    Paint has a universal application and is used everywhere in our day to day lives. It is used on metallic surfaces in various industries to shield the metallic surfaces from corrosion. The manufacturers need to ensure the quality of the paint which is used by them so as to ensure that the products is corrosion proof/ rust free. Hence the testing equipments used to test the quality of paint/ enamel has to be up to the mark so that the manufactures get access to accurate and precise results.

    The test results acquired by manufactures helps and guides them in improving the quality of the products manufactured by them.  This analysis is crucial as it helps them in improving the durability and makes their products corrosion proof
    To solve this problem of corrosion testronix has introduced the latest technology salt spray chamber. The salt spray chamber helps in testing the quality and resitance of  samples against corrosion.

    When the specimen is exposed to a spray of salt solution under the specified pressure the manufacturers are able to access the quality and the reaction of the sample

    Once the test is complete with the help if test results and data the sample/ product manufactured can be improved in terms of quality. This improvement by the manufactueres helps in providing the best of products to their customers.

    The testornix salt spray chamber adheres to all industry standards such as ASTM B117. It is m manufactured in house with the latest cutting edge technology so as to provide the manufactures with the best of features at affordable and value for money prices
    Moreover the latest features and technology gives the testronix salt spray chamber an edge over the rest. The canopy of the salt spray chamber offers an accurate angle to prevent water droplets from falling on the sample which may hamper the test results

    the salt spray chamber also consist of a control panel and fog collection unit which makes the instrument user friendly and easy to operate. The other body is rugged and durable so as to provide insulation and prevents the flow of unwanted particles.

    Salt Spray Chamber by Testronix chamber complies with international test standards like ASTM B117 and JIS Z 2371.

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