Cosmetics Color Measurement Tools for High Accuracy Testing

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Cosmetic are the most selling product across the globe. They are used by men and women both everywhere. And as they are selling make-up products means the products are used to blend with the skin and helps in delivering the required look with the exact shade of color. The cosmetic products include, lip shade, lip gloss, and nail polish, face powder and eye shadows. They are the generators of color on skin.

The cosmetic are required to test for their consistency. Why? You may ask. For instance there is a face powder which made to be blending with a particular skin tone but how you can say that it will blend you need to test if the color is same as the skin color or not. The manufacturers must conduct color measurement using precise devices.

Portable spectrophotometer along with color measurement accessory is used for testing consistency in cosmetic color. Universal test component – part of accessory will be used for testing paste or powder form substance. The cosmetic must be matching the standard of the color required.

The device generate value on detecting color and save it in the memory. The device is complete automatic machine and can be calibrated using black and white calibration feature. The device is not used color formation but its detection. The cosmetics if are of the right color attracts more and more customer and increases the sales figures.

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