Colour Measurement of Domestic Paints

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Decorating your home is the most loved task by all of us. It is like creating your personal space where you could search solace. Getting the right colour choice is the most difficult choice, because of clashes of choices, opinions and most importantly perception. Yes, human perception varies from person to person which is one major reason for the difference in colour choices. In this post, we would shed some highlight on the human colour perception that strongly impacts our decision.

Paint has different properties which a layman is less aware of. Viscosity, transparency, opacity are some common things to consider while choosing a paint for domestic applications. And, based on these properties, the quality is defined which further decides the prices of the paint. Also, these are the properties that impact the final texture of the paint.

The appearance of paint is largely affected by the lights of the surroundings. It is not possible to change the lighting every time you are painting your home. So, it is better to look for devices that are used for colour measurement of paints.

Is it possible to measure colour?

Of course, yes!

There are different devices available on the market that can quantify the colour into numerical form. But, you don’t have you buy these devices as they can be comprehended by skilled persons only. But you may ask for such comparisons. Another important instrument that is used for colour comparison is a colour matching cabinet. In this instrument, the paint is tested under different lighting conditions that are commonly used for domestic applications. The appearance of paints under different lights would help you in making a right decision, whether the paint chosen by you would appear nice as per your liking or not.

Why is colour measurement important?

There are many few people who think about many aspects before choosing the colour of paint or viscosity of the paint. These factors can considerable impact on the overall pricing of the paint job. Devices used for colour measurement of paint are now widely used by paint job professionals to woo the people. These devices help in achieving the colour consistency for partial painting and getting the right colour as per the choice.

Testronix is the leading manufacturer and supplier of devices used for colour measurement of paints. Depending upon different industrial requirements, multiple models are designed.

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