Color Measurement of Roasted Coffee Beans

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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What is your favorite color of roasted coffee beans? Light or Dark? Or somewhere in between? Here you will get the coffee guide with a different shade of coffee beans to choose from.

Color – Major Factor of Coffee

The color of the roasted coffee beans is the major factor as it helps to determine the taste of the coffee. Before roasting, the color of the raw coffee is green which is soft in nature and has fresh smell of grass with no taste. The process of roasting of coffee transforms the raw beans into the flavorful, aromatic, crunchy beans that are recognized as golden brown to dark brown colored coffee.

Coffee from Different Countries

Different varieties of coffees from different countries or origin are likely to taste different even when roasted at the same level. The age of the coffee, its processing method, method, of roasting, grinding also affects the taste. But the level of roasting helps the consumer in identifying the best coffee with the best flavor.

Color of Roasted Coffee Beans – Best to determine it’s Quality

The best and widely used method to describe the coffee roast level is the color of the roasted beans that lies between light to dark. Coffee beans absorb too much of heat during the process of roasting, and their color started changing from lighter to darker. This process initiated the presence of oil appears on the surface of the beans at high temperature. To identifying the best color of beans from bulk, color is considered as the best way to judge the level of roasting. This is considered as the subjective way.

How can the actual color of coffee be detected?

Examining the color of a large number of beans visually is a challenging task. Factors such as eye fatigue, light conditions, environmental conditions, however, can influence the suggestion of human beings in reading the colors and this decision varies from person to person as everybody has their own perceptive for color. This makes difficult for the roasters to choose the best color to ascertain the direction on which they need to work.

Colorimeters – For Coffee Bean Color Measurement

Coffee Beans color measurement devices by Testronix i.e. TP 310 colorimeter is a useful and portable testing device that helps in ensuring the roast level colors consistently and accurately. The device possesses special color measurement index that easily calculates the color of roasted beans and provides the color code of the sample for determining whether the sample meets the desired roast color or not. The instrument works on the basis of the color detector and color channels that are introduced by standardization authorities.

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