Color Measurement of Detergents & Stains of Fabrics

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Use of Detergents

Detergents are specifically used in textile industries. The textile industries make use of different type of detergents for cleaning the swatches, fabrics, garments, and many more. The detergents play an important role to remove stains and grease from the swatches and fabrics so that the fabrics will look neat and clean.

The manufacturers of detergents need to ensure that they will produce the highly valuable quality of detergents that can enhance the look of the textile products on which they are applied.  The manufacturers must test the efficiency and quality of the detergents by making use of best testing procedures. One of the best testing strategies that help to measure the quality of the detergents is the colors of the detergents.

How Staining Color Measurement Instruments are helpful?

Whether it is a liquid detergent or a powder detergent, the color of the detergent explains its quality to a great level. The color measurement instruments help to test the efficiency of the products by testing the color intensity of the staining before and after the application of the detergents. By measuring the actual color of stains by using staining color measurement instruments, the manufacturers of detergents can estimate the appropriate type of detergent which is required to remove the strain.

Best Solution to Measure the Colors of Stains on Fabrics

The color measurement instruments help to measure the quality of the detergents as well as the stains to make the fabrics neat and clean. To get more information on Staining color measuring instruments that are provided by Testronix such as color formula, color difference and many more, feel free to call our experts. One of the best testing devices which is used to measure the colors of the stains of fabrics is TP310 Portable color measurement device.

Specifications of TP300

  • Viewing geometry & illumination of the device is 8/d.
  • Measuring aperture of 8 mm dia. for accurate color measurement.
  • Silicone Photoelectric diode sensor
  • Color Spaces on which device works are CIEL*a*b*C*h*, CIEL*a*b*.
  • Color difference formulas used in measurements and calculations are ?E*ab, ?E*C*h, ?L*a*b.
  • LED light with blue light excitation is used for illumination.
  • Light source used for illumination is D65
  • Allowable Errors ≤0.40ΔE*ab.
  • Maximum storage capacity of the device is up to 100 standards and 20000 samples.
  • Offers high rate of repeatability with 30 measurements in 5 seconds.
  • Dimensions – 205 mm × 70 mm × 100 mm.
  • Battery of 3200 mAh which can be charged in two hours.

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