Color Checkers for Cosmetics

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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The color measurement is the lifeline of the cosmetic industry. It is the vibrancy of the colors in cosmetic industry that attracts the users. If the color of the products is not up to the mark, then it is the greatest quality defect in the cosmetic industries. With the help of Testronix color checker, the manufacturers of cosmetic products can ensure the right color level and quality of the cosmetics products that will help to attract more and more customers.

The best highlight of Testronix color checkers is the ergonomic design of the instrument which helps in easy and convenient operating of the instrument along with accurate and repeatable testing of colors of the samples.Color checkers for Cosmetic Industry

With more and more researches done on the relation between the human minds and colors, the industries are now focusing on ensuring the best color quality of the products. The TP 60 CP colorimeter is a color checker offered by Testronix and provides best options to measure and analyze the color quality of their products so that the customers are easily attracted to the products. In addition to that, the color vibrancy of the products can also be helpful in depicting the quality of the ingredients used in the products as well.

TP 60CP – For Cosmetic Color MeasurementThe TP 60CP color checker offered by Testronix is a very efficient color measuring device that helps in testing the color quality of the products with great accuracy and precision. The instrument can work in the visible light spectrum and measures the absorbency and transmittance of the test specimen. By measuring the absorbency and transmittance of the specimen, the analysis of the quality of ingredients is done efficiently.

Key Features of TP 60 CP

  1. The accuracy of the instrument is very high that is ΔE ab<0.03.
  2. The instrument comes with switchable measuring apertures with different diameters of 4 mm and 8 mm.
  3. A huge number of color spaces and color indices can be applied to the instrument.
  4. The instrument is equipped with built-in white plate calibration facility.
  5. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery makes it easy to use for easy portability.

Technical features TP 60 CP color checker

  1. The instrument offers a viewing geometry of 80/d.
  2. The instrument is used with silicone diode array sensor.
  3. The instrument uses the color difference formula for color measuring which is given as ΔE* ab, ΔE( h) , ΔE* uv, ΔE* 94, ΔE*cmc ( 2: 1) , ΔE*cmc ( 1: 1) , ΔE* 00.
  4. The instrument has different illuminants used for measuring the samples including D65, D50, F 12, F7, and F10.
  5. The instrument measures the colors in a very short time of 0.4 seconds.

With a broad range of color measuring instruments offered by Testronix, it has now become a renowned brand in the field of color measuring and color quality assurance. The color quality assurance of the products, as well as materials, is a very important task in the industries nowadays.

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