Choosing the Right Colours for Packing

Reviewed by Anurag Mishra (Sr. Technical Consultant)

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Packing is the highlight of any product. It speaks about the quality of the packed content and manufacturing company. To make packings eye-catching, new printing technology, paper and inks are being used. However, results are not always the way we have expected. Getting your company logo printed on a metallic substrate would give different results than getting it printed on white paper background. This sometimes brings pleasant results, while many times the results are quite disappointing.

Major Problems of Packings :

  • Getting the realistic colours on coloured background
  • Replicating the prints different surfaces
  • Achieving the consistency every time batch of ink changes

To keep the final results in sync with the projected image, it is important to use Paper & Printing Color Measurement Instruments.

Difference between diffuse/8° and 0/45°

Use of smart devices for packaging colour measurement can simplify the job to large an extent. The colourimeter is a most preferred device for print and packing colour measurement. It works from two angles and they are 0/45° and 0/8°, also known as traditional and spherical devices respectively. Using 0/45° device, the 0 degree indicates the angle of illumination and second angle i.e. 45° indicates the viewing angle of the sample. It means that the light is reflected at 45° from the surface of the sample that needs to be measured and 0° the viewer received the light at 0° which is perpendicular to the object’s surface.

On the other hand, the spherical device works on diffuse/8°. The instrument illuminates the object from all directions, and the viewer views the reflected light from the angle of 8°.

Now the next and most important question is… How to choose the right colourimeter?

0/45° colourimeters perceive the colours exactly in the manner a human eye does. It measures the colour of the surface along with its texture and glossiness. These instruments are popular for measuring the smooth or matte surfaces that are widely used in printing & packaging industries. But with the change in the requirements of the testing and QC labs, diffuse/8° colourimeters are also becoming popular. The reason for their popularity is it creates the bright effect whereas the later one sometimes creates a dark image than it actually is.

Testronix is the leading supplier of Paper & Printing Color Measurement Instruments. If you are looking for high-end colour measuring devices, call our experts today and we will help you in choosing the best for your industry and that too at competitive prices.

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