Check Fading Away of Colors from Plastics

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Consumers nowadays are savvier than ever. Their prime focus is on the safety and durability of Plastics. With the requirement of high-quality products, the urge for plastics based on color has increased. The need to maintain the primary color is tremendous in the plastic market. Many factors affect the plastic industry. They are colorant selection, dispersion method, and processing temperature. In order to maintain standard quality lots of batches, manufacturers have to qualify the color characteristics with standard material. Manufacturers need to choose among a various range of instruments that scientifically measure, describe and compare the color in plastic parts by eliminating environmental conditions, fatigue and various other factors that affect color perception.

Color Matching Cabinet uses different light sources to test the sample. The color matching cabinet is used to reduce the color assessment error during conducting of color contrast. To simulate various light sources to get an objective assessment of color and color difference anytime and anywhere. They are primarily used by manufacturers and designers of color viewing and lighting products for the Graphic Arts, Textile, Dyeing, Photographic, Leather, Packaging, Printing, Plastic, etc.


Color Matching Light Box has the following features:

  • Delivers color accurately with 6 different light sources (D65, TL84, CWF, F, UV, U30), it can detect the metamerism.
  • Adheres to major international standards for visual color assessment that includes DIN 6173, ISO 3664, ASTM D 1729, BS 950, etc.
  • User-friendly and uses individual switches for every single light source.
  • Alternates automatically among light sources.
  • Elapsed time meter to track better lamp replacement.
  • Power consumption is economic and heat generation is low for maximum light efficiency.

 Color Matching Booth has the following specifications:

  • D65 – Applied to International Standards Artificial Daylight with a color temperature of 6500(K) and power consumption is 18W.
  • TL84 – Applied to stores in China, Japan, and Europe. Color temperature is 4000(K) with power consumption is 18W.
  • CWF – Applied to (Coll White Fluorescent) American standard. Color temperature is 4150(K) with power consumption is 18W.
  • F/A – “Sun- Setting Light Yellow” incandescent light source (artificial sunset). Color temperature is 2700(K) with power consumption is 40W.
  • UV Viewing under ultraviolet light to identify and assess optical brighteners or fluorescent pigments. Wavelength is 365nm with power consumption is 20W.
  • U30 Applied to warm White fluorescent, American standard with color temperature having 3000(K) with power consumption is 18W.

Color Matching Machine tests the sample by placing on the test platform that is structured at a specified angle and visualise the sample under various lightings.

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