Assuring Color Consistency in Roofing Material with 45/0 Degree Geometry

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Gone are those days when Roofing Material used to have unified mode of colors. Either they are black, or brown, or grey. With time, the color creativity in Roofing Blocks have got some innovative designs. With increasing color choices comes the biggest challenge for the manufacturers to assure the color consistency in the roofing material among each tile produced and also under distinct lighting conditions.

The roofing materials when colored must be processed the same way. But it may happen that there is a slight difference in one of the tiles of the batch. And may be the color difference may not appear as clear in the factory as under natural daylight. Consumer or other supplier may reject an entire batch just because of that one tile that was not correctly colored. This can be an offset for both the production cost and the brand reputation. Hence, it is important to verify the color of the tiles while in coating process. And also when they are finished properly as an online inspection. This can be done using portable Spectrophotometer having 45/0 degree optical geometry.

The device is light in weight and is highly portable in nature. It can be used anywhere anytime by anyone. Will always deliver the same test results. It accuracy doesn’t depends on the user or the area it is used in. Have an HMI based touchscreen display program which is used for both setting test profiles and monitoring color measurement values. It is the most preferred device as it resembles the way, human eyes see and objectify a color. It strictly adheres to international test standards such as CIE, CNS, ASTM E313, AATCC, and ASTM D1925 Standards.

The measurement of color ranges to a Visible Spectrum of 400 to 700 nm Reflectance curve. Equipped with an oversized integrating sphere which helps in effective homogenization of light. Uses 45/0 degree optical geometry. It also has a huge memory data and can record up to 10000 data. Has a Silicon photo diode array sensor which can precisely detect even a minute color change.

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